My #MobileTravelChallenge – Join in!

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I love going on little travel adventures. And big ones. And when I do, I love to take photographs on my phone in an attempt to keep hold of the memories that each journey provides. My phone is forever tied to my hand and once I’ve stopped and taken in the view for myself, had my little moment, I’ll take a snap as a permanent memory. You all know this of course, my blog is full of such images, and there are even more on my social media accounts.

MobileTravelChallenge - Sunset at Southend

A very peaceful Southend at sunset.

I know I’m not the only one… Every week my busy social media feeds are full of images of quite amazing places that definitely make me wish I was there. You show me mountains, lakes, the seaside, woodland, gardens, bike rides, runs, hikes, cute buildings, grazing animals, amazing weather, tall trees, yummy picnics. Oh and cats. And cake.

MobileTravelChallenge - Just Me, My Bike and the Forest

Just me, my bike and the forest. Mountain biking at Sherwood Pines.

Join In – Share Your Snaps

This week I want to see even more of the cool places you are visiting. And I’ve teamed up with Connects, part of Microsoft’s social team, to encourage you to share your photographs – they’re offering a trial of one of their new Lumia handsets and a small travel-related prize (ooo a mystery!) to one lucky person who takes part in my special #mobiletravelchallenge.

Taking part is easy. Simply take a photograph on your mobile phone camera of a secret, special or secluded place while you’re out and about and share it on twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #mobiletravelchallenge.

MobileTravelChallenge - Tenaya Lake, Yosemite

My secret spot. Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park. Shhhhh.

As long as you’ve posted your shot by midnight on Thursday 9 July with hashtag #mobiletravelchallenge you’ll be in with the chance of winning that Connects trial and mystery travel-related prize. I get to choose the winning photograph myself… so show me that you’re making the most of your journey!

But don’t enter just for the prize; consider this an online photography exhibition bringing together all our travel snaps from one week of awesome travel fun, and everyone can take part. I’ll share my favourite entries on twitter and instagram, and will do a round-up at the end. Everyone will be able to “visit” the exhibition throughout the week by following the hashtag.

View the Exhibition on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to like, favourite, share and comment on your favourites. 

MobileTravelChallenge - Kinder Low, Kinder Scout

All alone on Kinder Low, Kinder Scout.

You can share as many photos as you like. The winning photograph will be the one I decide is the best – not necessarily the most technical (although being in focus and well framed will help), but rather from a thematic point of view. Show me that you are enjoying your journey. Show me your secret reading spot. Show me where you spent the night. Show me the little nook that catches your eye every time you walk home from work. Show me where you love to take a two minute break. Show me your favourite view. Show me where you run or hike or cycle to. Show me a take-my-breath away sky. Show me that awesome discovery because you are exploring a new-to-you place. Hopefully I’ve given you lots of good examples and inspiration in this post, too.

MobileTravelChallenge - RIB Experience on the Thames

Creating a splash on the River Thames on our RIB Experience.

Now go and have fun on your travel adventures, I look forward to seeing your snaps!

The Rules

  • Photographs must be original (your own work) and taken on a mobile device. Any mobile device can be used, it doesn’t have to be a Lumia. Please only enter images taken on mobile phones, and images that have been taken during the two weeks of the ‘exhibition’ (25 June to 9 July 2015).
  • You must share your photograph on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #mobiletravelchallenge by midnight (British Summer Time) on Thursday 9 July.
  • The photograph I choose shall ‘win’ a Lumia trial as well as a small travel-related prize. These are being provided by Microsoft Connects and will be sent directly to the winner from that team.
  • My decision is final. My family can enter if they like but I they can’t win even if I love their photo the best. The winner must be over 18. The competition is open world wide. 

MobileTravelChallenge - My Favourite Trail

The view from my favourite trail. 

All the photos on this page, along with the vast majority on Splodz Blogz, were taken on my mobile phone. For some mobile phone photography tips try this post, and if you are new to Instagram or fancy trying out snapseed to edit your mobile snaps, check out my how-to guides.



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