30 Days Wild – Days 22-28

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Day 22 – Monday

In my lunch break today I tried to draw a pigeon in my little Moleskine. I don’t draw much any more and it really shows, my pencil strokes are nowhere near as smooth these days. Hopefully you can tell it’s a pigeon!

30DaysWild - Pigeon Doodle

Day 23 – Tuesday

More television watching (which is a bit of a cop-out I think, but hey) – another BBC Natural World programme, this time on Mountain Lions.

Day 24 – Wednesday

I noticed that nature was reclaiming this footpath. All the way along this stretch the grass was managing to break through cracks in the tarmac and soften the grey.

30DaysWild - Footpath

Day 25 – Thursday

I spent today confined to my house after LincsGeek made me take a day off sick. So annoying that a simple summer cold can make me feel so incredibly rubbish. Colds exhaust me. In the afternoon I moved from my bed to my comfy chair in the back room, and sat with the patio doors open on the garden watching the sunshine and munching on local cherries. Not adventurous, but incredibly relaxing.

30DaysWild - Cherries

Day 26 – Friday

Earlier on in this week Challenge Sophie challenged me (and you) to get up and see the sunrise. First light is at 4.30am here so that’s not likely for a few weeks, but I did witness the most spectacular sunset on the way home today. We were treated to a glorious fiery red and orange sky, and watched a big bright sun dip below the horizon as we drove along. Nature was alight with colour and even when the sun itself had disappeared the sky shone brightly to remind us tomorrow is nearly here. What a sight. Certainly brought a smile to my face. This photo through the car windscreen does it no justice at all, I didn’t get the camera out until after the sun had gone, but it’s ok – it’s burned in my memory.

30DaysWild - Sunset over Lincolnshire

Day 27 – Saturday

A quick motorcycle ride along some of Lincolnshire’s beautiful country roads to make the most of the sunshine. Was nice to feel the wind in my hair as I took in the scenery. Spotted some fields of Morphine Poppy being grown again here, the pale purple and white poppies are used in medicine and are a stark contrast to the yellow Rapeseed we’ve had for the last couple of months.

Day 28 – Sunday

One of the plants in our (rather shoddy) front garden has bloomed and is looking rather amazing. Anyone know what it is? It’s quite tall, with these flowers/blossom all over it.

30Days Wild - Flowers in my Garden


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  1. Kezzie

    You did some good things! I love the sunset! There’s NO way I would be getting up for sunrise- too early!!! Mmm, cherries…
    That flower- no idea but we used to have them at school- they’re not dog roses are they?x

    • Splodz

      I’m really pleased with my efforts this month. I have to say I’m a little addicted and will have to continue (although I won’t bore Splodz Blogz readers with it every day!).

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