30 Days Wild – Days 29-30 and some Motorcycling

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One of the reasons I love to ride a motorbike is that when I do, I feel very close to the world through which I travel. There is a very special bond between a biker and nature. I’ve mentioned this before, but I liken motorcycling to meditation in some ways – just you, your own thoughts, and your journey. It is with that in mind that I bring you my final two days of this month-long 39 Days Wild challenge; quite probably my favourite two days of the month by far.

Day 29 – Monday

We rode from our home in Lincolnshire up to the Northumberland coast. On the way we stopped to make sure the sea is still there at Bridlington. The sea is the epitome of wild. It cannot be tamed. It comes and goes, raises and lowers, gives life and takes life. The sea shore has it’s own climate, it’s own smell, it’s own time. I feel a great connection to the sea and like to make sure I can see it (just to check it is still there) when I can. Today we saw a fair bit, especially at Bridlington where we stopped for lunch – fishcake and chips with loads of salt and vinegar, eaten out of the paper with the sea right there in front of us.

30 Days Wild - My F650GS Motorbike

My bike ready and waiting to enjoy the winding road.

30 Days Wild - Paddling in Bike Boots

Going paddling in bike boots… why not?!

30 Days Wild - Ashington

Geese, ducks and swan(s) enjoying the evening sunshine at the lake by our hotel.

Our bonus today was watching a bird of prey hover over the field next to our coffee stop, fixated on its prey. It wasn’t ‘lucky’ but seemed persistent so hopefully it had a decent meal.

Day 30 – Tuesday

We completed our journey up into Scotland by riding from the beautiful Northumberland to the arguably even more beautiful Cairngorm mountains. We rode on winding roads up over Glenshee, with its heather and moorland and vistas to spoil even the most well travelled pair of eyes. Completely stunning. Then in the evening we sat overlooking a loch as the sun’s rays danced on the water, before watching a young red deer spring it’s way across an open field on our way back to our lodgings. A day full of nature.

30 Days Wild - Riding in Scotland

Riding through the Cairngorms, Scotland. Taken on our Drift Stealth 2 – more on that another time.

30 Days Wild - Glenshee

Enjoying Glenshee, Scotland.

30 Days Wild - Loch Insh

Loch Insh, Scotland.

30 Days Wild - Feshiebridge

Trees at Feshiebridge, Scotland.

Oh, and as a bonus you can have the photo of the slug below… Absolutely massive and so very slimey!

30 Days Wild - Slug

Have you been taking part in 30 Days Wild? I hope you took part, even if it was to gain a little inspiration to spend some more time than normal looking at what nature has to offer. I have always done my best to make sure I spend time outdoors, but throughout June I have been making a conscious effort to learn more about the flora and fauna around me so I can understand and enjoy it even more than before. It has been a pleasure to concentrate on all things wild. That can only be a good thing. Long may it continue.

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      You just can’t beat motorcycling as a way to enjoy nature. And thanks – I love my little BMW 🙂

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