#WildSplodz Wild Guide Winners

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I hope you have been enjoying the summer – actually I hope that you are still enjoying the summer (heatwave once the Schools go back – yes?). How WILD has it been for you? Have you been able to get out and about to enjoy the countryside, try some new or favourite activities? 

I know some of you have as you made me smile with your entries to my #WildSplodz photo competition.

Personally speaking, my #WildSplodz moment was riding the Timmelsjoch Pass, a road through the Alps that goes between Austria and Italy. It was the furthest south we got on our recent motorcycle road trip through Europe (more on all that another day), and while it certainly tested my riding skills, it was completely amazing thanks to some of the best mountain views I have ever seen in my life. Wow. I shared this photo on instagram and know it struck a chord – it is my most liked photo ever!!

Timmelsjoch Pass, Austrian and Italian Alps

Thanks to everyone who uploaded their photographs. It’s always nice to see what you are up to, especially when that involves getting outside and enjoying the world around you. Don’t feel you have to stop sharing now the competition is over – I’ll keep an eye on that #WildSplodz hashtag over on twitter and instagram and would love you to keep using it.

This was a competition, of course, and so I have been able to choose my two favourite images from the ones shared to each win a copy of the inspiration filled book Wild Guide from Wild Things Publishing. There will be no long television style pause here, I’ll get right to it!

Tara shared this photo after hiking up Pen Y Fan in Wales. Views to remember, and even better thanks to the challenge. Well done Tara!

I loved this simple photograph from Melissa. Having a wild summer is as much about appreciating nature as it is about doing something adventurous. Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home…

Well done to both of you, I’ll be in touch with details on how to claim your prize shortly.

Watch out on Splodz Blogz for more photography based fun coming up soon. And in the meantime – get outdoors and enjoy yourself, and keep using the #WildSplodz hashtag!


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