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I love reading magazines. It’s ok, I don’t buy those celebrity gossip type ones as they make me feel fat, frumpy, unfashionable, poor, old and unfit. Rather I go for those aspirational ones aligned to my hobbies that make me wish I was a) enjoying the sunshine in some exotic location, being treated to the local cuisine while dangling my feet in crystal clear sea, b) sat on top of a mountain enjoying the perfect view having spent the day clambering up a difficult but not impossible path, and/or c) starting off on a new road trip adventure on my little motorbike with the wind in my hair and some wide and winding roads ahead. approved blogger badge

I have been approached by to work with them on their own blog, and am looking forward to seeing my name in print somewhere else on the web over the next few months. To help me do this I’ve been able to choose three magazines that I’d like to read over the next year. Can you guess what I picked?

Lonely Planet > I often buy an issue of Lonely Planet when I am thinking about planning a trip. Always full of inspiration for travel as well as lovely photography, it’s a bit of a discovery tool. I’m looking forward to learning more about people and places here in the UK and across the world. I’m hoping there might be some features on Canada and the USA to help with my road trip planning too!

Trail > I have been reading Trail for a long while and love all the stories and descriptions of the best hikes to be had. The routes are my favourite part, although they do make me wish for endless summers and much more annual leave! The product reviews are pretty handy too.

Ride > You all know I love to ride my motorcycle. Ride is a motorcycling magazine with all kinds of content, but it’s the big trip write-ups that I like the best. They make me wish I was going on a really massive road trip. Oh… I am!!

I’m looking forward to thumbing through my new magazine subscriptions as they arrive. I’ll let you know when my guest posts are live using my normal social media accounts. In the mean-time, if you want to treat yourself or someone you know to a subscription, do me a favour and make use of my link to (in this post or on my sidebar) – it won’t cost you any more but I’ll receive a teeny bit of commission each time someone purchases from my link. Which will be nice.

Do you read magazines? Which are your favourites? Do you still buy paper copies or have you gone all digital?


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  1. Tess @ FitBits

    I’m working with them too, and now have a total of FIVE magazine subscriptions to my house, two I already subscribed to and three additionals in partnership with Forming quite the library I can tell you! Looking forward to seeing your posts on The Hub 🙂

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