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Every time I use a picture on my blog or instagram with a quote or title or similar over the top I get asked how I created it. I have been known to use photoshop to make those images in the past, but these days I would much rather reach for one of the very handy iOS apps out there – Over.

Over is a great way to add text to your photos. It’s exactly what you need if you want to add a poem, bible verse or favourite saying to one of your photographs ready for sharing on your blog or on social media. A very handy app that makes it very simple.

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

I was sure Over was free when I downloaded it from the App Store, but I’ve just been to check and apparently it’s £2.99. It must have been one of those “free for a day” apps when I got it, bonus! I actually think £2.99 is fine for an app – I use this fairly regularly and I don’t mind paying for something that someone has put their time and effort into developing.

Over in the App Store (iOS) | Over in Google Play (Android)


How to Use Over – Step by Step Guide

Naturally step one is to get the app downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad and tap the icon to open it.

You will need to give it permission to look at your photos (you’ll get a pop up). You will also need to make sure that the image you want to add text to is saved on your phone somewhere (doesn’t have to be in the camera roll, can be in another folder).

Navigate to the photo you wish to add text to.

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

Choose “add text”.

Type in the words you want to appear. You can change font, size, colour, alignment and position later, so just get the text in there to start with so you have what you need to work with. Use the return button to start a new line if it needs it, or just let it run on if you are writing an essay!

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

When you tap “done” it’ll appear in the middle, all centred, and in white.

Tap the yellow arrow on the right side, choose “font”. A bar appears on the left with a whole host of fonts to choose from. Tap on the one you like and it’ll change the text.

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

You have to pay extra to use some fonts – 79p for the full set. 

Tap the yellow arrow on the right again and choose “edit”. This is where you can change the colour, size and alignment of your text. Have a play about with the settings, you’ll soon get the text exactly where you want it.

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

You can also pinch to make your text smaller or bigger, which is a bit quicker than the official method within the “edit” tab.

If you want to add a second bit of text – for example the name of the person you are quoting, or just something else you want to be a different size or colour etc – use that yellow arrow and choose “add”, and then “add text” again. Repeat all the above with this new bit of text and then move it around so you have a nice design.

To swap to the original bit of text to move it a bit or do some more editing, just tap on it, it will kind of flash to indicate you have selected it.

Once you are happy with your text, placement etc, go back to that yellow arrow and choose “save”. It will save the image with text to your camera roll and you are ready to use it on all your social media accounts as you wish.

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide

Once you’ve saved it you are free to start a new project – yellow arrow again, and select new.

How simple is that?! Now you know how to use Over I know I’ll see it in use on your social media channels – show me your skills!!

How to Use Over - Splodz Blogz How to Guide


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4 Responses

  1. Shybiker

    Interesting. I’ve never written on my images and didn’t know how. Wasn’t even aware there is an app for it. (Then again, I don’t have a smartphone so I don’t use apps. I’m OLD-school!) Thanks for the glimpse of the future.

    • Splodz

      Ha ha there is an app for everything 🙂 🙂
      I love that you don’t have a smart phone… they’re not for everyone.

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