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How do you preserve your holiday memories? In these days of digital photography we can do all sorts of things to keep our photographs. It’s so easy to organise our images can have our pictures printed out, it takes just a few seconds either at home or in Boots to have photographs printed out on nice paper. Actually, let’s face it, none of us are very good at printing out our digital photographs are we?! We are much more likely to keep them on our computers and mobile phones to look at; the days of those little paper wallets full of photographs you never quite get around to putting into photo albums are over!

One thing I do know people do is get their very favourite photographs turned into keepsakes. Think calendars, coasters, key fobs, magnets. A good few of my friends also have had their wedding photos put on large canvasses to hang in their living rooms, and others have had posters made of their favourite holiday photos to put up in their office.

WhiteWall Acrylic Print Grand Canyon Splodz Blogz

This week I received this rather impressive looking production of my favourite photograph of me, taken at the Grand Canyon last summer during our Wild West tour. It’s from a company called WhiteWall, a photography lab, who specialise in printing up your favourite photographs for display. This print is behind an acrylic glass, which makes the print thick and bright. It’s very impressive!

WhiteWall Acrylic Print Grand Canyon Splodz Blogz

It’s 20 x 30cm in size, so around A4, and will look great on my wall when I’ve found a permanent place for it. It will be super easy to hang thanks to the integrated hanging system on the back – a picture hook or nail will do just fine. If I had spent my own money it would have cost just under £30, which for the quality of the product seems like good value to me.  And of course it’s an excellent way to show off what has become a bit of an iconic travel photograph for me.

How do you show off your favourite photos?


WhiteWall sent me the print of my Grand Canyon under acrylic glass as a gift. Which was nice. I have of course not been told what to say and am sharing it on here because I think it looks fab 🙂

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