Review: Lifedge “Ultimate Cable”

Lifedge, the company who made the absolutely awesome waterproof iPhone case, are back, and this time with an accessory that anyone who wants to keep their phone charged when out and about in potentially wet circumstances – a rugged lightning cable, or rather the “ultimate” cable! 

Lifedge Ultimate Cable

Why might you want a rugged cable I hear you ask?! I probably don’t need to tell you from experience that those official white cables from Apple aren’t the most well constructed bits of kit ever made. They have a tendency to bend, split, fray, and just stop working, especially when you are using them on the move rather than just in the safety of your home. Lifedge realised that if we are using our phones to share our adventures, the chances are we need to keep our devices charged while we are out and about too, and so created this to make sure we can.

Okay, so a cable isn’t actually that exciting, I can definitely admit that. And there really is nothing I can say to make this particular new product sound like anything more than just a cable. But it is a pretty decent cable. It’s waterproof, has rugged construction so it won’t do the fraying or splitting thing, and is super long at two metres meaning it’s handy where you need to be a little distance away from the plug itself.

I decided to try a video review of this one, and would love it if you’d watch it…

Obviously a rugged cable perfect for sailors and hikers and cyclists and mountaineers is only useful if you have a suitable case for your phone, as well as a great charger to give you that extra juice you need. Lifedge do an absolutely fantastic case for the iPhone 5/5S and I am willing them with all my being to turn this technology into a case for the iPhone 6/6S as quickly as possible. For juice I use the Tecknet PowerZen Charger (not itself waterproof – stick that in your pack!) and highly recommend it, although I still haven’t written that review I promised.

Thanks Lifedge for sending me their new cable to try out. It now goes everywhere with me, thanks to the handy windy uppy thing it comes with (pictured above), as it’s perfect for even the most mundane uses such as charging my phone in a hotel room or in the car.

Get yours from the Lifedge website for £29.99.

I received the Lifedge cable in the hope I’d mention it here on Splodz Blogz, which I have done because I think it’s a really well made and useful product.


Check out my review of the Lifedge case, and also my guest post over on the Lifedge blog.

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