Autumn Leaves

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I love autumn colours. Oranges, browns, purples. Purples? Oh yes. Check out these autumn leaves!

Autumn Leaves | Splodz Blogz

I took this snap at the end of last week on my phone when out walking, and loved the colour of the leaves (and how they matched my laces!). I’ve not manipulated the shot at all – no filters – just cropped it to square to take out the kerb!

Autumn Walk - Woodland | Splodz Blogz


Autumn Walk - Danger Sign | Splodz Blogz

I arrived at this sign from the other side… oops. 

Autumn Walk - Bike | Splodz Blogz

This made me really sad. Some kid’s bike broken and abandoned in the woods. It was surrounded by loads of rubbish – cans, bags, food packaging. People can be so cruel – both to the kid who’s bike this was, and to the environment. Shame. 

Autumn Walk - Tree| Splodz Blogz

Who lives in a house like this?

Autumn Walk - Trail| Splodz Blogz

A new-to-me track very close to my house. What a find!

I hope you get time to get out and about before all the autumn leaves go slushy and horrible. I’d love to see your colourful autumn pics – send me links!


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  1. Shybiker

    Wow, what beautiful colors. I like the last photo a lot, too. It reminds me of a favorite picture I took in Amsterdam long ago.

  2. Kezzie

    That is a very vivid purple! That bike is awful! I just can’t stand the litter dropping- people just can’t be bothered to deal with their crap!x

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