Bucket List 10 Year Anniversary

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One of the things that seems to define me at the moment is that rather long and in fact ever expanding bucket list that I have. And that’s ok, I don’t mind that. I quite like it when people ask me about it, and I like it even more when people say that one or other of the experiences I’ve talked about here on Splodz Blogz has inspired them to do that activity, or write their own list.

It’s ten years ago this very day that I first put pen to paper and created my list. I remember it well. I’d had a list in my mind for years; I’ve always been one of those people who has enjoyed having experiences, trying new things, travelling, learning, spending my money on memories (although I admit I like things too). But it was the night before my 25th birthday that I decided I’d actually write it down. I got a piece of paper out of the printer and made a note of things that I wanted to do before I was 30. On it were a few things I was already working towards as well as things I knew I was going to get to do soon, along with a handful of aspirational things I had no idea whether they’d be possible or not.

I did ok. I got a handful of things ticked off fairly quickly, and that felt good. I might have got slightly addicted to my little list, and was spent lots of my spare time researching the collection of random items that I’d included. It changed almost straight away – I’ve spoken before about how creativity breeds creativity, success breeds success, and writing lists breeds more and more lists (so many lists!). My one piece of A4 paper turned into a whole wodge, I typed them up and created a document on my computer, I put lots of bits of paper notes into a folder, and added colour coded post-it notes to help me keep track. And then I started blogging – oh boy did that move the goal posts!!

Soon after I started Splodz Blogz I realised I was being a little over ambitious, and actually it had become such a big part of my life that I didn’t actually want it to end. So I crossed off “before I’m 30” and made it my list of lifelong ambitions – an ultimate list of things to do – my yes list – my bucket list.

Ten years later and I still love my list. I love what it has helped me become. Most of all I love how writing a few things I dreamed of doing on a piece of paper has lead to a huge number of completely awesome experiences that I will simply never forget. And the very fact that I have the list is the thing that is helping me to keep hold of those memories. So many things, probably hundreds, including all kinds of activities and fun things as well as a few more serious items too.

This has turned into a bit of a wordy post, so let me answer some of the common bucket list questions I get asked in pictures…

What’s the most fun thing you’ve ticked off your list so far?

Fly Boarding at Tattershall Lakes

Fly Boarding!

What’s your top bucket list travel destination so far?

Sat overlooking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

What’s your top bucket list adventure dream?

Riding out of Monument Valley (taken by Jeff)

A massive road trip of the USA – roll on Summer 2016!!

What’s been the most rewarding item?

Riding across Glencoe, Scotland

Organising and completing two charity motorcycle rides, the second of which was in memory of my father-in-law.

What’s next to get that tick?

Cycling at the Olympic Velodrome (Lee Valley VeloPark)

Who knows what the next few months might bring?!
(Photo: Track Cycling at Lee Valley.)

What’s the most ambitious item left on your list?

Lyke Wake Walk - No Boots

There are some HUGE challenges on there, but I’m yet to decide which one to go for next.
(Photo: Lyke Wake Walk)

What is your best non-bucket list or unexpected experience?

Carrying the Torch - BBC Lincolnshire

Oh easy peasy – I was an Olympic torchbearer!

What’s the one thing you’ve done you think everyone should have on their bucket list?

Winter Holiday in Ruka, Finland - Snow Mobiles

Impossible to answer! If you can swim, then go surfing.
If you like heights, go in a hot air balloon.
If you like the cold, go on a skidoo.
If you like nice tea, go to Betty’s.
If you’ve never done it, grow your own salad.
If none of these appeal, check out my full list.


Head over to my bucket list page for my full list and links to all the blog posts.

My main reason for sharing all my experiences here on Splodz Blogz is to hopefully encourage you to get involved. I believe life is all about the journey. I do my best to make the most of my otherwise incredibly ordinary life by trying new things, having little adventures, learning from my experiences, and keeping a list that helps keep me motivated to use my time and resources wisely. Join me.

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      Thank you. I definitely have been busy but it’s all good. Yes yes write a list – doesn’t have to be long but it’ll give focus. Let me know when you’ve written it!

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