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There are hundreds, thousands, millions of blogs out there. So how do you know which ones to read? I thought I’d give you some pointers by sharing a handful of my favourites with you. It is World Kindness Day after all, so consider this a teeny random act of kindness to some of my blogging friends – go and check them out, subscribe to them, follow them on social media, and make friends. 

The Thrifty Magpies Nest

Jenni has become a great friend over this last year thanks to our conversations that have lead to Outdoor Bloggers and also the Lyke Wake Walk. Her blog is outdoors focussed, with a big nature theme. And she has a ‘pet’ magpie who she rescued as a chick. Well worth a read. Start with her post about our Lyke Wake Walk challenge.

Beste Glatisant

Allysse was the first person to sign up to Outdoor Bloggers and came along to our inaugural camping and hiking weekend back in May. She also joined Jenni and I for the Lyke Wake Walk, and her French hiking songs definitely helped with those final two miles! She has a real love of getting outdoors on her bike or walking and loves to “microadventure”. Her blogs are so descriptive and a joy to read – start with her Lyke Wake Walk re-cap.

Awesome Wave

You will already know that I am inspired by Elizabeth from Rosalilium, and Awesome Wave is her other blogging project. It’s a travel blog with destination, accommodation and attraction guides. I am particularly looking forward to following the challenge to visit every county in the UK – challenges like this are right up my street and I am looking forward to meeting the team when they come to Lincolnshire!

Margot and Barbara

Elizabeth is a little bit like me. She is more concerned about doing stuff than having stuff. Her blog focusses on mindful and minimal living, things she does in order to use her money for travel. You should definitely read her post on old fashioned blogging – taking our writing back to the old journalling days – written very well and judging by the comments, has gone down very well with others as well.

X Amelia X

A very new-to-me blog, discovered recently thanks to hours I have spent trawling YouTube for inspiration for Splodz Blogz TV. Amelia is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and vlogger, which as you know isn’t usually my thing, but I love and appreciate her style and honesty and think she’s definitely one to check out. She recently vlogged five tips to help beat the winter blues which was very well timed as I’ve been browsing those wake up / SAD lights for a few weeks (same as I have done when the clocks change for the last few years).


Which blogs would you recommend I check out this weekend? Share in the comments.

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