#AskSplodz | Shoes, Books and Vegetables

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A short while ago I mentioned over on Splodz Blogz TV that one of the ways I was going to practice (and therefore improve) my vlogging skills was to take part in a handful of common vlogging themes. And with today’s Blog Everyday in November theme being “video”, here’s your first, a Q&A in the guise of #AskSplodz.

Thank you to @MunchKim, @flowcoacher and @Fuzzygalore for providing the questions on shoes, books and vegetables…

Hope you enjoyed that little video. If you think I should do another sometime, you’ll need to ask me a question! Use #AskSplodz in the comments below, over on YouTube, or on twitter. Thanks!


PS, getting lots of questions about those books so here are some handy links:

France in America | Make the Most of Your Time on Earth (new version) | Make the Most of Your Time in Britain

And don’t forget to read my blog post on “Extreme Tromboning

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    • Splodz

      Ha ha I’ve never been very good at these “if you were a…” questions but was quite pleased with that answer!

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