My First Weekly Vlog

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When I say this is my first weekly vlog, I’m still not sure at this point whether I will be doing loads more, but it’s another one of those vlogging experiments designed to help me develop my skills so when we’re touring North America next summer I can share what we’re up to in an interesting and successful way.

Splodz Blogz TV

I actually picked a pretty rubbish week to do this but decided to share it anyway – I was poorly for a couple of days and spent a lot of my time in my pyjamas watching rubbish on the telly box. I also didn’t film anywhere near enough stuff on the days I did do things, forgetting to finish things off or tell the whole story, so there are massive gaps in the days. Ah well, I guess that’s something I shall just get used to with experience.

Oh, and does a weekly vlog need a sound track? I’ve used background music on all my vlogs so far but not on this one. Think it may be missing out.

Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give the video a thumbs up if you do x


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  1. papytee

    I really like your vlogs, but a couple of minutes is generally my attention span for videos, regardless of what they’re about. Definitely think you should keep filming though! 🙂

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