Currently Loving | December 2015

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You said you enjoyed my currently loving in November so you’re getting one for December too! And in the interests of my YouTube experiment you’re also getting a video run-down of everything I’ve chosen this month too – go straight to the bottom of this post if you’d prefer to watch rather than read. 

Currently Loving, December 2015

1 | I absolutely adore my light grey bicycle print scarf. It was a Secret Santa gift a couple of years ago (thanks Steve!), and was spot on! I’ve got no idea where it came from, but there is a similar one here on amazon.

2 | We haven’t really had a proper cold spell yet (come on winter!), but I’ve still got all my beanie hats out of hibernation. I got this Sherpa one in the Blacks sale last winter, and it’s still available at Ellis Brigham if you fancy one.

3 | This The North Face cable knit scarf was a birthday present from my sister – she knows me well! It’s narrow but really long and will be absolutely perfect when the snow (finally) arrives.

4 | I’m now onto the second year in my One Line a Day diary, a gift from some friends last year. If you like the idea of writing a daily diary but can’t commit to a lengthy journal, this is a very simple just-one-minute-of-your-time book. Just think how interesting it will be to read back in five years time!

5 | I love scented candles and tend to plump for slightly sweet ones that fill the room with yummy flavours. My favourite at the moment is the Yankee Candles Vanilla Lime (not pictured as I ran out!).

6 | As an outdoor-loving cycling motorcycling and hiking person I am used to the idea of hat hair. Add to that the fact that my hair is very thin and fine and looks greasy very quickly and you’ll understand why Batiste Dry Shampoo is on my currently loving list. I go through tonnes of the stuff!

7 | Make-up?! Yup!! I heard loads of great things about the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and so put it on my birthday list – and I’ve not been disappointed. The selection of matt and sparkly nude shades are proving to be just the ticket for me.

8 | Hot chocolate is definitely a drink for a cold winter’s evening. I go for this Whittard White Hot Chocolate every time, made with milk (you should see my face when I mention hot chocolate made with water in my video!), It’s sweet and yummy and just perfect with a sprinkle of mini marshmallows on the top.

9 | Ooo a blogger with a kilner jar? You seem surprised?!! This one isn’t the jar itself but rather the contents – I am totally loving fruit and nut as a snack at the moment, it’s healthy (ish) and sorts out my got-to-have-pudding character after dinner. This is the mix from Sainsbury’s I have in there at the moment, but I’ll bung a whole selection in to keep things interesting.

10 | These Bodum Pavina mugs have a silicone grip instead of a handle – aren’t they cute? It’s so nice to hold a mug to warm up your hands. The mug does get very hot to start with but once the tea is ready to drink the silicone does the job of protecting your hands while you sip.

11 | Mmmmm popcorn. I eat way too much of the stuff but someone once told me it was a healthy snack so, you know, I can’t help myself! I make my own but have recently discovered Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn which seems to be the best pre-made I’ve found so far – when I buy I go for sweet and salty.

12 | Last but by no means least is my little phone tripod set up. Consisting of the Joby GorillaPod, BallMount and GripTight (read my review), this is just perfect for vlogging and photography using my phone. And of course the GorillaPod and BallMount together are perfect for my proper camera, too.

Currently Loving, December 2015

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What are you currently loving? Tell me!


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