Weekly Vlog Episode 2

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You’re in luck… a second weekly vlog from me in as many weeks! I quite enjoyed last weeks and I’ve had some nice comments (thank you), so I filmed episode two for you. 

Splodz Blogz TV

There was much less poorly this week which was very good, so there’s more of happy Splodz for you to enjoy. My week included a day off work to go to Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham, a lovely day out that got LincsGeek and I very excited for our huge road trip next year. We also had a wander around the Lincoln Christmas Market although I was way too chicken to film much there, I’m sure confidence will come in time. There’s also advent chocolates, mince pies and bolognaise.

Watch here >

I also mention my little (or maybe big, but I think little) Christmas goal – I’d love to reach 50 subscribers on Splodz Blogz TV between now and 25 December. Go on… you’d make my day (only 22 to go)!

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  1. Laura

    So you asked what happens on a monday night?……well, as little as possible in my house. Food, telly and an early night is about it, if at all possible. I don’t like busy starts to the week as it seems to catch up with you later on!
    Did you say there was a blood bike in your garden? As in SERV/NABB (not sure what it’s called in your neck of the woods.) Do you or A volunteer? Or have I completely misheard/misunderstood. If i’ve got it right, i’d love a blog post (or guest post) about it?

    • Splodz

      Hey Laura. Food and telly and to bed makes a whole load of sense to me – exactly what I did this evening. Yea A volunteers as a blood bike rider with Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bike Service. The charity covers the weekends when there’s no blood transport on the NHS. I could definitely about it – I’ll do that thanks for the idea.

      • Laura

        Excellent, thanks 🙂 I’ve come across the blood bikers via work, it’s a fantastic resource. In fact i’ve recently been talking to the Kent team about becoming a controller, although I’m yet to decide whether my current work schedule will allow me to do it (they cover week nights as well as weekends).

      • Splodz

        It’s just weekends and bank holidays here but if something urgent crops up mid week they’ll call whoever has the bike to see if they can do it. It’s such an important resource, but is a pain when you’re on call (as you’ll well know) as you can’t go anywhere.

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