Weekly Vlog Episode 4

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Good morning all, I hope you’ve had a great week. You will probably have noticed the lack of blogging that has occurred here on Splodz Blogz – I ran out of steam somewhat this week, sorry about that, I hope to be back blogging normally very soon (as in there is a post scheduled for tomorrow morning!). I have still been filming for my weekly vlog, though, so I hope you are ready to sit back and watch the last seven days of my life in one short 15 minute video.

Splodz Blogz TV

What has been happening in your world this week? For me it’s been busy, but good. I had a day off mid-week which was definitely the highlight for me – I drove over to Donna Nook Nature Reserve to meet blogging and hiking friend Jenni for a catch up and to see the seal pups before they head out to sea. You’ll find some footage of the blubbery grey seal pups about half way through the vlog.

I definitely feel like I’m getting better at this vlogging lark, at least I’m remembering to film more things (which ends up meaning a lot more footage to go through on a Saturday, but I’m sure I’ll get quicker at that too as time goes on). I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of those who have said nice things either in person or on social media, left comments here or on my videos, and subscribed to my channel. It’s a big vote of confidence for me. I am still hoping for 50 subscribers by Christmas, but I am really happy to have 36 of you at the moment – a good crowd!

Anyway, enough of the words – hope you enjoy the moving pictures:


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