Weekly Vlog Episode 6 | Mad Cows, New Year, Mud

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It’s that time of the week again – time to share what I’ve been getting up to over the last few days in my new weekly vlog. Episode six features some slightly mad cows, some New Year thoughts and plenty of mud. 

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I didn’t vlog at all at the weekend as I spent lots of time with my family celebrating Christmas, so this episode covers the five days from Monday to Friday, which have been super busy. We met up with a couple of friends in Matlock Bath on Monday, spent the day at a local farm park on Tuesday (hence the mad cows – and some very cute piglets too), I went shopping at Meadowhall on Wednesday, took the decorations down on Thursday, and went for a squelchy walk by the river on Friday.

Here you go!

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2 Responses

  1. Kezzie

    I love your chatty style- it’s so uncontrived but affable and informative! I love your new slippers- my Mum bought me handmade rainbow slippers lined in Snowdonian sheep fleece and I love them!
    I’m really sorry I’ve been trying to get onto your blog for days but my phone nor computer would let me onto the site- was really weird!x

    • Splodz

      Thanks for saying so Kezzie 🙂 Your slippers sounds lovely and cosy.

      Oh that’s rubbish sorry about that – I know I’ve had a bit of down time over Christmas courtesy of DDOS attacks on my host, but they were specific and it’s generally been ok. Glad you can get on here now though!

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