Splodz Blogz is Six!

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Splodz Blogz, happy birthday to me!

Hand’s up if you’ve been reading Splodz Blogz since the very first post back in January 2010? Let me give you a high five!!

Splodz Blogz Birthday Jelly and Ice Cream

Anyway, seeing as it’s my sixth birthday this week, blog wise that is, I ate jelly and ice cream. With crumbled meringue and mini marshmallows. Yes I know it was only just Christmas and we’re trying to be good and healthy and cut out sugar and blah blah blah, but birthdays have to be celebrated, right (and it could have been cake…!)?!

Actually I’m feeling pretty good about my little corner of the internet at the moment. There are lots of you reading, I’m getting more comments than ever before, you’re sharing my posts with your own friends which is really awesome, and yea, it’s all good.  I don’t have illusions of grandeur or anything, this is only my hobby, but it’s nice that the comments and numbers are suggesting you like what I’m doing here on Splodz Blogz, so thanks.

To be honest, other than an excuse for childish sweet treats, I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate my blogging birthday. I didn’t want to share my favourite posts because I’ve only just done that recently with my end-of-year highlights, and I wasn’t organised enough to sort out a giveaway (which would have been brilliant, how annoying I’m only just thinking of that now, sorry guys!). A big bucket list tick or hiking adventure would have been pretty cool but I’ve got to go to work so you know, no can do. So instead I’m just going to leave this post short and sweet and as a thank you to everyone who visits.

However you came across Splodz Blogz I’m so pleased you stopped by. I hope you will follow my ramblings throughout the coming year (bloglovin is a good option) and will let me know what you think every now and again by commenting on my posts – I really love that. This year could get very interesting, I’ll be blogging my way along my North American road trip in the summer, and there will hopefully lots of other fun experiences, new things and interesting topics talk about closer to home too. And of course my photo challenge will be running all year, have you shared your image for the first theme yet? You have until 7am Thursday.

If you have any suggestions for my bucket list then make sure you tell me – I am always looking for new ideas, whatever they might be, and ways to make those ideas happen. And if there is something you want to know about me or any of the activities I get up to, then please ask. You can find me via email or over on twitterfacebook and instagram. Oh and don’t forget my new YouTube channel Splodz Blogz TV; a very small experiment really but I’m having fun with it.

Feel free to fix yourself something suitably celebratory and join in the singing of Happy Birthday! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow 🙂

Splodz Blogz Birthday Jelly and Ice Cream


14 Responses

  1. Jo

    Hi Zoe,

    Congratulations on reaching your blog’s 6th birthday.

    Quite a milestone.

    I very much look forward to reading about your adventures this year.

    Have fun.


  2. Shybiker

    Congratulations! And, certainly, your blog is on the upswing. Your enthusiasm and efforts are obvious and attracting attention.

  3. Carly

    Happy Blog Birthday! Love the sound of your N.American road trip also, can’t wait to see where you go 🙂

  4. Silly Mummy

    Wow 6 years! Congratulations – great achievement! Despite the fact that it is your blog birthday, and it wasn’t even today, I think I will now eat cake to celebrate! # Visiting from #weekendblogshare

  5. Kezzie

    Your blog is so interesting! I love your vlogs, you are so personable. Most other vlogs I’ve watched on Youtube make me cringe a bit if I am honest and feel rather derivative but yours are great and so you! Well done on 6 years!!x

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