Give Blood, Shampoo Eye, Breakfast Yorkshires | Weekly Vlog Episode 7

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After a couple of (what I think were) more interesting weeks on my weekly vlog, this week I spent most of my time at work or doing chores. So perhaps slightly more dull viewing for you this time around – but don’t click away just yet… 

Splodz Blogz TV

Other than the inevitable return to work after a lovely break, there’s plenty of chatting and an awful lot of food going on in this week’s vlog. There’s slow cooked gammon, a gammon hash, jelly and ice cream, home made guacamole, lamb stew, and breakfast Yorkshire Puddings. There’s also chatter about blood bikes and giving blood (read this post if you need more info on that), cleaning up after a vinegar spillage incident, lots of rain, some whinging about getting shampoo in my eye and doing stupid things when tired, and several mentions of instagram.

Oh and I’ve added background music, using the track I used before when I was doing ad hoc video diaries, let me know if you prefer it with or without the soundtrack.

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2 Responses

  1. Kezzie

    Noooooo, not the bicarb!!!!! I made my year 5’s do that experiment- set out 30 pots of it with vinegar and I remember how amazed they were!!!!
    I need to give blood, I really do! I have registered for being a donor but the blood is the next step!
    My hair clogs the hoover too! It sucks majorly!x

    • Splodz

      Ha ha yep the bicarb!!! Great for cleaning. But I didn’t really want the whole kitchen doing. The hair in the Hoover is horrid, what a chore!!!!

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