What’s In My Bag? Satchel Edition

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I love my satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. It’s proper – beautifully made from lovely leather in chocolate brown, and is just starting to age in that well used way after several years use. It was a £2 coin purchase (if you don’t already know, I save £2 coins in  a jar throughout the year and spent them between Christmas and New Year) back at the end of 2012, and was handmade by an employee of the talented mum-turned bag entrepreneur when I ordered it. I don’t use it every single day, but it is my ’best’ bag and I use it at least once a week probably more. I only wish I had it personalised with my initials. 

What's in my bag? My Cambridge Satchel Company bag and its contents.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

This is the classic satchel in dark brown, the 13″ version which I purchased with my iPad and notebook in mind. It’s not huge by any means, but it works for me and looks smart as well as working well with jeans and a jumper.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

Inspired by Amelia and her photo challenge, this blog post is one of those I should have written a long time go. It was requested by a few of you and I have really enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it now it’s finally here! If you’re off on a day hike make sure you check our my what’s in my bag – day hike edition post, hopefully offering lots of tips on what to carry when you’re out in the countryside all day. Anyway, let me show you what’s in my bag…

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

As you can see, I’m not a hoarder when it comes to my bag contents, but I also don’t travel particularly light. Inside my satchel I carry my wallet, planner, glasses (which are naturally in the case normally), iPad, phone, pen, little notebook and some headphones. There is also a little bag with lots of little essentials that I’ll come onto in a moment.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

I carry these two notebooks everywhere. The bigger one is a Moleskine diary and planner (they call it the weekly notebook), which is what I am using to plan and organise my blog and vlogs. I specifically wanted a planner where each double spread had a diary on one side and note page on the other so I had space to organise days as well as make notes (and doodle). I got mine a week into January which meant I didn’t pay full price – it was half price in store in Waterstones. The smaller green book is another Moleskine (I really am a fan, I’d have hundreds of them if I was allowed and could afford it), this time the extra small hard backed one, that I use for general notes and lists – shopping lists, to do lists, random measurements or choices, reminders. There’s always a pen of course, and it’s normally green – this one is actually just about run out, I must find another one.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

I call this my essentials photo – some (very dirty) glasses (really must clean those properly, can’t believe how horrible they look, no wonder I can’t see anything) which I carry around in a basic grey glasses case, my old Animal wallet with cards and cash, and a pouch that came free with some Maybelliene make-up that is the absolute perfect size to carry around things I don’t want swimming around in the bottom of my bag.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

As you can see, inside the pouch is a pile of very boring things that any girl normally carries around in her handbag. The smallest tube of hand cream I could find, a few tissues, some anti-bac gel, hair bobbles, all-important paracetamol, my everyday foundation to touch up my nose and chin when necessary, and a little pot of vaseline to keep my lips supple. Oh and there’s a very short and stubby Benefit Eye Bright pencil in the top corner too, just to fake awake-ness when it’s needed! I don’t carry much make-up or a brush or perfume or anything like that, no need when I’m just going to work or into town for the day.

What's in my bag? Satchel EditionWhat's in my bag? Satchel Edition

Tech-wise I have my iPad Air 2 in this white case I reviewed a while ago that to be honest has seen much better days and really needs replacing (over use!), my phone (which is also my diary, camera, life…), and my Sennheiser headphones so I can retract into my music when travelling or waiting or walking home.

What's in my bag? Satchel Edition

That’s it. As I was emptying my bag I thought there was loads of stuff in there, but actually there isn’t a lot to talk about at all. I think that’s because not a particularly material girl in that I travel fairly light when I’m out and about, but I admit I do like nice things like my satchel.

What do you carry around with you all the time? More or less than me? Any essentials you think I’m missing? Or anything you think is pointless weight? (If you’re a blogger, feel free to share your what’s in my bag links below so I can go and read.)

PS If you’re interested, the coat that makes the photo background is my TNF Honee Snugs Parka, which is my most favourite coat EVER, and the scarf is a primani purchase that is several years old.


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  1. Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    I love seeing what others keep in their bag. Your satchel is ageing beautifully.

    I’m quite fickle with my bag contents, sometimes I’m a big bag lady and other times I’ll keep it to just purse, mobile keys and lippy.

    • Splodz

      I’m with you on that actually – this is kind of standard but some days I’ll actually take a sack full of stuff, while others I’ll have my phone and wallet in my hand.

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