Currently Loving | February 2016

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It’s the first Monday of the month so it must be time for me to talk “stuff”. Since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort at home to reduce the amount of “stuff” in my house, and have taken several bag fulls to my local charity shop. But there is still a place for nice things, especially things that I love because they either work really well, taste really awesome, or are great to wear. Here are the things I’ve chosen this month: 

Currently Loving February 2016

1. This super warm and very soft hooded zip up jumper is from Fat Face is SO cosy and comfortable and is the ideal top to wear over ANYTHING. Fat Face stuff isn’t cheap, this was £60 (thanks to birthday and Christmas vouchers I only actually spent a tenner), but I know as long as I look after it this will last for a very long time. It’s just perfect for this time of year.

2. I bought these tulips from Sainsburys after Elizabeth from Rosalilium posted some purple ones on her instagram feed. I thought they looked so pretty and needed to go to the shop anyway so added them to my list. I couldn’t decide on the colour so ended up with two bunches in soft white and orange. I love having fresh flowers in the house, I hardly ever have them, and these tulips are definitely a treat.

3. These are my new pyjamas, the ones I bought from Marks & Spencer when I completely failed when out shopping for jeans (watch last week’s vlog for the whinge!). I might have only ended up in the sleepwear section of M&S thanks to being unable to find jeans with enough material, but I’m really glad I did – these flowery lounge pants are so soft, very light, and ever so comfortable. They had lots of other designs, I might have to go back for another pair.

4. I’ve had these Etnies skate shoes for years and recently fell in love with them all over again when I was having a wardrobe clear out. They aren’t heavy, fit really nicely, are very comfortable (have loads of cushioning), and I think they look great. If only I had a skateboard to go with them – not that I’ve ridden a skateboard for years, I would probably fall off and break something seeing as I don’t appear to bounce quite as well anymore.

5. This is the newest scent in the Batiste Dry Shampoo range is called “sweetie” and it really does have a lovely sugary sweet scent that I’ve really enjoyed spraying. As you will well know by now, Batiste is my favourite dry shampoo and I go through tonnes of the stuff, so it’s lovely to be sent the new versions when they come out to see what I think. I normally buy the original but I do really like this one and am hoping they stock it in my local Boots when I need some more.

6. I’ve been suffering with terribly dry and chapped skin on my hands this last month or so, and nothing I already had at home was doing anything to sooth them. A colleague suggested this Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop and I am so pleased she did – it’s very effective and has helped no end. It costs £5 for a little tube and my hands are in love with it!

7. Have you been watching my weekly vlogs? I’m really enjoying filming them and editing them, I’m surprised that while the process is long (I am no expert and it takes me ages!) it’s very rewarding. Now I just need lots of you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch them! Consider each short video (20 minutes max!) an insight into the real me – a pretty normal (ish) 35 year old who loves to get outdoors, spends her evenings cooking, and is happy to moan to the camera.  Let me know what you think.

8. I think Root Beer is my favourite soda drink, maybe a close second to Dr Pepper but very close. But it’s not easy to get here in the UK (unless you spend loads per can online) so we use this syrup in our Soda Stream to get our fix. Yes I know sugary fizzy drinks are bad for you, but it’s not like I drink it every day. Do you have a Soda Steam? What’s your favourite syrup?

9. We’ve actually had some cold weather these last couple of weeks – not much, it’s still incredibly mild and rather disconcerting – but what’s better than a mug of soup to warm up your hands and insides after spending some time exploring the outdoors in winter? The Ainsley Harriott Vegetable Chowder is my favourite powdered soup at the moment, and has been for a little while. Processed, yes, but comes up reasonably thick and has a great flavour. Warming and comforting.

10. I have had my Apple Keyboard for a couple of years now – it was a Black Friday purchase not long after getting my first iPad, the idea being that it makes writing (blogging) on my iPad so much easier and gives me full use of the screen. I use it in conjunction with Microsoft Word, which syncs to Dropbox meaning I have access to my words on all my devices. The keyboard (now slightly redesigned) is just lovely to use, Apple definitely have nailed the design, it doesn’t require any cables, and even after a couple of years I am still on my first set of batteries which isn’t bad at all.

Currently Loving February 2016

What are your favourite things right at this moment?


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