I Do Not Need Chips | Weekly Vlog 11

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What do you do when you spent all of last week eating chips every day and this week don’t have any? How do you beat the fried potato craving? This week I managed to, although it was way more tough than it should have been. See this and more in this week’s weekly vlog!

Splodz Blogz TV

It’s episode 11 of my weekly vlog series and this one is shorter thanks to not really having a lot of interesting things to say or do. Some weeks are like this, aren’t they? I mean, we can’t be off walking along the beach or enjoying random fun all the time. Although that would be nice, I’d like that!

This week, then, is a bit chatty. There are some whinges, some smoothies, some goals and challenges for the coming year, a walk along the canal, plenty of “popping to the shops”, some coconut milk, and various other bits and bobs.

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Here we go…


PS: I’d like to start including a Q&A in each weekly vlog in an attempt to chat about something you are interested in. Ask your questions, however random, over on twitter using #AskSplodz and I’ll pick a couple each Tuesday evening to answer and include them in my weekly vlog on a Sunday. What do you want to know?

4 Responses

  1. Kezzie

    MMM, the smoothie looks good-
    Lucky sister getting to sing Carmina Burana in the cathedral. I really want to go back to Lincoln!
    The winds were really strong here today as my mum and I tried to sort out the garden pre-move. The heavy compost bucket is blowing around the garden!
    I feel your lack of motivation in the evening. I already knackered by 4.00 at school!!!

    • Splodz

      It’s been so windy here today too. Sounding like a stuck record about it – seems normal!!

      My favourite smoothie this week was grapefruit, pineapple and orange. It was so refreshing. Definitely making that one again.

      It really sucks being so worn out in the evenings. Hurry up summer!!

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