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People find other people’s thoughts and lives interesting. As humans we naturally enjoy looking at the world through other people’s eyes, understanding their perspective and watching them learn and explore life. It’s why reality TV in all its different forms is popular – we relish the opportunity to watch people sing, bake, dance, create pottery, build houses, ski jump, ice skate, learn to drive, play games for money, have their broken bones fixed, and everything else. Some of us may not admit it, but I think I’m right in saying we are all very happy to partake in a bit of water cooler chat about who sang what song or who baked what cake or who broke their back (get well soon Beth!). Reality TV is a considered a bit of a guilty pleasure.

The Simpsons Love TV - Hug

But recently I’ve found myself gravitating away from the telly box for my fix of real life and towards YouTube. Vlogs are not new, but they are definitely now mainstream. Yes YouTube is brilliant for funny cats and ranting drivers, but the rise of the vlogger is huge and some are even considered celebrities, making plenty of money to live on (and more) from their channels.

As a relative newbie to the YouTube thing, only really “getting into it” in the last few months, I have been a bit overwhelmed by the number of “real life” channels there are. I started off occasionally watching the biggies, and admit I have indeed watched a bit of Zoella – she’s certainly made the medium her own! But now I have found a small selection of people I think tell their stories really well and in a way I can relate to. Like my bloggers, I like my YouTubers open, honest and fun. I enjoy watching real stories told by the people who live them – there is something strangely fascinating about getting to know a real person via their videos.

I thought I would share my favourite four vloggers right now. Go and check them out. And don’t forget to take a look at my own channel – I might not be as established or talented as these guys (especially Casey and Louis – wow their stuff is just stunning), but it’s good fun and I’d love to know what you think.

Casey Neistat

I genuinely believe that watching Casey’s vlogs has a good impact on my life. He talks an awful lot of sense. It also helps that he is a rather fine videographer, definitely knows his way around a camera and an edit suite; his vlogs are just fantastic to watch. He’s a bit of a viral video specialist too, I guarantee you have seen at least one of his videos, I know I shared his bike lanes video loads of times when he made that, and the very recent snowboarding in New York City was a big hit.

Go and watch Casey

Fun for Louis

Louis is a digital nomad who spends his time travelling the world looking for adventure and new experiences. He vlogs every day in the hope he might also encourage his viewers to “enjoy life and live the adventure”. His videos are really great travel snippets, but I admit I also watch because I’m a teeny bit jealous of his life and ability to seemingly go anywhere and do anything he wants. If you only have time for one of his videos, make sure it’s one of his 360 degree movies; I love that you can interact with the picture and see it from all angles. Boom!

Go and watch Louis

Brogan Tate

Brogan weekly vlogs her Bournemouth life and has recently won a Cosmo blog award for her beauty vlogs. It’s not the beauty side of it I enjoy, I don’t really care for that (nothing against Brogan, I just don’t watch beauty vlogs), but rather her weekly vlogs which are honey and down to earth and just document what she gets up to. She is a real woman and comes across very natural in front of the camera. I enjoy her story, and like when you watch a telly programme or read a book with a great character, I genuinely want her to have every happiness.

Go and watch Brogan


Amelia, like Brogan, is really a beauty and fashion vlogger but again it’s not those videos I’m watching. Her weekly vlogs are a Tuesday night treat – half an hour of normal everyday life that really go some way to counter all the common talk of YouTubers only showing us the perfect bits of their life. Not that Amelia isn’t gorgeous, she certainly is, but she definitely tells you like it is – even if that means sobbing her heart out. I love her “go get it” attitude towards life, and adore how she happily rocks pyjamas and slippers all day when she’s home.

Go and watch Amelia


Splodz Blogz TV

But really the reason for this post is to find out who else should I be watching. I’d love to discover some more vloggers – especially more “real” women like Brogan and Amelia (and me?!), and those who vlog their outdoor adventures and travels around the world. Please share your suggestions below, and feel free to let me know what you think of YouTube, vlogging (do you do it), and whether you watch vlogs.


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