The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 7

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It’s Thursday morning so it must be time to change our photo challenge theme. I’m sure you’ve noticed that during the next seven days there is an important lovey dovey day that means we’re all supposed to buy pink fluffy heart shaped things and give them to our partners. LincsGeek and I don’t do Valentine’s as it feels more about shops making money than actually being in love, but I figured “love” would make a good topical theme for this week – in whatever form that takes for you. Feel free to go pink and fluffy if you like, or show me another side of love in your life. 

If you’re not sure what’s going on here head over to the first post in the series for loads of details: Splodz Blogz Weekly Photo Challenge

SplodzWPC Weekly Photo Challenge

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Week 7 Theme: Love

As always here’s an example – I took this shot when in Cologne (Koln) in Germany, I have never seen so many love locks, there must have been 10,000.

Motorbike Tour of Europe - Love Locks in Cologne

How you interpret the weekly theme is completely up to you. Have fun – get snapping and sharing and chatting. Enjoy!

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