In the Shark Tank | Weekly Vlog 13

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What has been your highlight of the week? I think it’s fair to say that mine this week was getting into the shark tank over at the Sea Life centre in Blackpool. Yes, in the fish tank. With a wetsuit on. It was awesome!

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My week started with me already in Blackpool (as my vlogs currently go from Saturday to Friday, I’ve got into a bit of a routine with this now but am still thinking about changing the start/finish day, just not sure). I was there to attend the launch of a new exhibit at the SEA LIFE Centre, an area dedicated to “Jurassic Seas”, basically really really old creatures. But really I drove all that way because the guys at the centre said they’d help me out with one of the things on my bucket list – to swim with sharks. The launch was great to attend but naturally the snorkelling was my highlight of the trip and in fact the week.

I think it’s fair to say I had an absolutely brilliant time. I actually forgot to introduce it properly on the vlog but I was able to take my camera into the tank so there are some clips from my point of view while I was in the water – and I could turn the camera around to prove I was actually there too! There will be a full write up here on Splodz Blogz very soon so I’ll go into lots more detail about the experience, but I hope you enjoy the footage in the mean time.

Back home and there wasn’t a lot of vlogging thanks to LincsGeek being ill and me getting a stupid energy-sapping cold. I was planning to head to the Peak District to hike up Mam Tor on my day off on Thursday but I’ve postponed that until I’m healthier. Something about me really hates spending TOIL days sat at home doing nothing, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

Anyway, enough words, you’ve come here for moving pictures. Hope you enjoy my video >

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