From My Kitchen | Weekly Vlog 14

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It’s Sunday and so it must be weekly vlog time. While I would genuinely love to make all my weekly vlogs full of adventure and outdoors fun, or even just speckled with some bucket list ticks, sometimes it’s just not possible. This week’s vlog is primarily based from my kitchen – full of lots of chatting, plenty of food, and maybe a teeny bit of whinging about still having a stupid energy-sapping cold. 

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Well I guess I can’t have everything. Despite the lack of outdoors time I hope you enjoy this episode of my weekly vlog. If you like a bit of food inspiration you should do – there are meatballs, sausages, bacon, eggs, salads, a curry… And in between the cooking and eating there is some reflection, an #AskSplodz question, and plenty of chatting.

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