Motorbikes, Major Oak, Telling Jokes | Weekly Vlog 15

Good afternoon friends! It turns out that once you’ve done 15 episodes of a weeky vlog you can no longer keep count and have no idea what number you’re on! Ah well, it was bound to happen some time. This week’s episode includes lots of fun because I was off work – lots of time outdoors, on the motorbikes, by the sea, and lots of chatting too including telling jokes.

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While my vlog starts with a Saturday at work, it was so nice to have the rest of the week off to do whatever we wanted. The weather didn’t always play ball, but we managed to find some time between the showers to get outdoors – we headed to Sherwood Forest to see Major Oak and the other ancient trees there, took the motorbikes for a ride to see the sea over at Chapel Six Marshes and Wolla Bank near Skegness in Lincolnshire, and went out for a spot of geocaching.

In between our exploring you will still get plenty of chatter – including what turned into a bit of a sermon on my life is all about the journey mantra (preach!!!). Oh and I attempted to tell a couple of jokes for #AskSplodz, which may or may not have gone well – you decide! And, naturally, there is food. Always food.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode. I’ve really enjoyed making it – I played about a bit with some jumping and some floating. There’s also footage from the Drift Stealth 2 when we’re out on the bikes, it was time to experiment with that properly in readiness for our trip this summer.

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4 Responses

  1. Kezzie

    MMMM, I love fish pie!!!
    Chip is so cute! I somehow didn’t know you had such a cute bunny!!!x

  2. slo

    Loved the blue sky shots about two minutes in, and enjoyed seeing your daffodils blossom.
    I’d like to see something you’ve created with your 2B pencil! 🙂

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