New Triumph, Carrot Soup, Awesome Sky | Weekly Vlog 17

Welcome to my new schedule! After having a bit of a mare with my video files on Sunday morning I decided the best thing would be for me to go out and enjoy the sunshine for a couple of hours rather than stay inside and edit my vlog. So you’re getting the new weekly vlog today instead. And thinking about it while I was out walking in the Spring sunshine, I think I’ve decided Mondays are better than Sundays for videos anyway, and so am going to try it this way for a bit. Hope that’s ok!

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Episode seventeen is a bit of a chatty one thanks to being at work for six days out of seven. On Saturday I walked 13.5 miles at work and broke my favourite black Vans, sad day. I decorated (and helped to eat) my Dad’s birthday cake, make an awesome carrot soup, and forgot the dinner and had to go back to work for it. There’s plenty of Chip cam, some bikes at Webbs of Lincoln including the new Triumph Tiger Explorer and a gorgeous orange limited edition cruiser, and the most fantastic sky over at Shipley Country Park.

Hope you enjoy this episode – give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to comment 🙂


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  1. bigdavezz

    I thought you’d treated yourself to a new bike for #zartusacan when I saw the headline…… £15,000 is a bit steep… though not quite as expensive as a new Indian Roadmaster at £22,000. I’ve booked a road test on one at HBC’s Open Day in April when Indian Motorcycles UK are bringing their demo fleet to Nottingham..

    • Splodz

      Ha ha sorry, nah I’ll be sticking with my GS for now. Bikes are getting more and more expensive aren’t they.

      • bigdavezz

        riding a pair of Tigers around North America would be cool…”Tigers Loose in US”….Can’t be long now before your trip….

        Some motorcycles are getting more expensive. I’m looking to change my Sprint ST 955i, but been offered £800.00 part ex against a late model Tiger 955i on at £3999.00. So it looks like I’ll be riding my 2002 Sprint for a while longer… certainly can’t afford £22,000 for an American cruiser.. no matter how gorgeous.. I’ll enjoy my road test in April though..

        Hope all your US\Canada planning is coming together, and looking forward to the trip reports…


  2. bigdavezz

    Oi Zoe! I’m going to stop reading your blog, you are a bad influence……..Me and Kate went to Pidcocks Triumph to buy some jeans for Kate, oil & filter for my Sprint ST955i and take a look at the used 2007 Tiger 955i with 23000 on the clock they have for sale. Came away putting pen to paper for a brand new (That’s Brand New!) Tiger 800 XRT with full Expedition touring pack…. I pick it up Tuesday…. blaming you for setting me off by featuring the new Explorer in your vlog……..

    • Splodz

      Ha ha ha ha sorry!! (NOT!) Wow though, enjoy – and let your dealer know I want my commission 😉 When do you pick it up?

      • bigdavezz

        I pick it up Tuesday, two days before my birthday… I was being Mr. Cautious but Kate just kept saying “get it, if you like it, get it!” so signed on the dotted line for a TriStar PCP deal over three years… be sad to hand over the keys for Sprint ST955i it’s been a good bike and I use it everyday.. it is starting to feel a little “tired” now though…. never owned a brand new motor vehicle of any description before… As for your commission, I’ll put a tea-bag in the post so you can have a drink on me….

      • Splodz

        Wow that’s soon! And a very nice birthday present. I hope it brings you lots of happy riding days, even more than the Sprint did

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