Chatter, Cooking, Cleaning | Weekly Vlog 20

After two very outdoorsy vlogs it was inevitable that there was going to have to be a kitchen focussed one. This week you’ll hear me chatter chatter chatter, cook a lovely pasta dish, clean my motorbike and show you my currently loving stuff for this month.

Weekly Vlog 20 Thumbnail

Here goes with the bullet pointed highlights of my week…

  • This was the first vlog with the new schedule – Monday to Sunday. So the week starts with me in my dressing gown getting ready for the start of the working week.
  • I seemed to spend a lot of time in my dressing gown this week, or at least I did on camera. Sorry about that!
  • It was a six day week at work along and a late night on Wednesday. But that’s it for six day weeks until August – woohoo!
  • I tried out a recipe that Rosalilium shared – well my take on it anyway – and it was really yummy. Basically a chorizo spaghetti with tomato sauce. With added veg and flavour.
  • My bike had a service and MOT at RWH in Lincoln. It’s now all ready for the trip. Well nearly.
  • After work on Saturday I gave my motorbike a wash. It needs to be super clean to import into Canada so I think I’ll be giving it another wash sometime next week. And a polish. Might as well start out clean!
  • I took my flatlay for my new Currently Loving post (out tomorrow) and show you a few of things on my list this month.

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