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I definitely seem to have some sort of reputation when it comes to sweets. I absolutely love sugary fruity citrus flavoured chewy or melty or crumbly candy. I just can’t help myself and my friends know it and I will often be gifted sweets over anything else.

Scoff Club - Lemon and Lime Bonbons - Splodz Blogz

Even when there is a cupboard full of chocolate I can still be found shopping for a packet of fruit gums to curb that ridiculous sweet craving.

So when Scoff Club asked me if I wanted to try one of their new subscription boxes there was only one answer… and while I know this might be a little bit off my usual topic, I always say that Splodz Blogz is my life in a blog and so I wasn’t going to say no to this opportunity. And anyway, any journey by plane, car, bus, boat, on foot or by bicycle is easily made better with a bag of sweets for company.

I have a problem. I know. Don’t judge me.

Scoff Club is one of these monthly subscription boxes they get sent to your door. There are all kinds of these things around now – beauty, jewellery, razors (I actually really like the idea of the razor one – Friction Free Shaving – because there’s no plastic, I think I’ll sign up when I get back from our trip), and of course sweets. For £12.99 per month, or less if you choose to pay in three or six month blocks, you get a variety of retro sweets that will make your tongue tingle and give you your sugar fix.

Scoff Club - Lemon and Lime Bonbons - Splodz Blogz

My trial box arrived the other day and I couldn’t wait to get it open to see what was inside. I had to go and collect mine from the sorting office because it doesn’t fit through the letter box – it’s absolutely massive and really heavy – apparently there are 1.3kg sweets in each box, which is LOADS! To be honest I was secretly hoping for a massive bag of sherbet pips and some soft rock, but knew that whatever was inside I would be smiling… and when I opened the neat yellow bow and pulled back the bright yellow tissue paper I was presented with five little plastic bags of sweets and a couple of “branded” packets.

  • A packet of Reese’s Pieces, one of my favourite chocolate treats.
  • Some sour bubblegum that I’m yet to try. Bit scared to be honest. How sour can it actually be?!
  • Watermelon rockets, which I’ve never come across before but have gone down well in the office.
  • Chocolate coated honeycomb which is definitely been a big hit at home – one of LincsGeek’s favourite treats.
  • Some Harribo-style jelly babies (rather than the ones you get in the bright yellow bags) which are full of chewy flavour.
  • Some clotted cream toffee bonbons, which definitely remind me of buying sweets by the quarter.
  • And some lemon and lime toffee bonbons. SO tasty but not so great for my teeth.

Scoff Club - Lemon and Lime Bonbons - Splodz Blogz

I was quite impressed with the selection (although no sherbet pips or soft rock), although I did think two types of bonbons was a bit odd and I would have preferred more variety I think. I was impressed with the quantity too – there is enough here to keep me going for ages, definitely the whole month if I want to keep my dentist happy.

My one criticism of the box is that the traditional sweets came wrapped in little plastic bags rather than little paper bags. This was probably something to do with freshness, but I definitely think a little pink and white striped paper bag with the crimped top would have been more authentic. And I would definitely like to see less plastic in everything.

The Scoff box was a really lovely thing to receive in the post and I think the best use for this subscription box would be as a gift for a friend that you know loves sweets and could do with a little pick-me-up. It definitely made me smile, especially with the bright yellow paper and ribbon. This isn’t a treat for kids, definitely much more suited to adults with a sweet tooth.

Scoff Club - Lemon and Lime Bonbons - Splodz Blogz

I’m not sure I’ll be subscribing to this box myself for fear of putting on so much weight and losing all of my teeth before the age of 40, but it is something I would buy is a gift for someone or maybe treat myself to once in a while.

I wonder if they’ll bring out a half sized (and half priced) box, which might be more suitable for an every month treat. And then maybe the box would fit through the letterbox.

Oh and if you like to watch videos, there’s a whole unboxing section in this week’s weekly vlog:

Thanks very much to Scoff Club for thinking of me and sending me one of their boxes in the post. An excellent way to put a smile on my face.

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  1. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Zoe, just reading this post made my mouth water. Lemon and lime BonBons and chocolate coated honeycomb?…MMmmMMMM…. I love good old fashioned sweets and paper bags with pick stripes would have made the sweets that little bit more attractive to look at. It would make a nice one off treat, but I’m with you and am not sure just how good an idea it would be to subscribe monthly. However it would keep the dentist very busy!


    • Splodz

      Maybe Scoff has been invented by dentists?! I think the toffee bonbons are my favourite in this selection, they bring back such memories.

  2. Home and Horizon

    You lucky, lucky thing! I LOVE sweets, especially retro sweets – I didn’t even know there were subscriptions for sweets, so that’s good to know. Makes a nice gift for sweet fans too! Great post 😉

  3. Kezzie

    I agree about the trad Jelly Babies! So much nicer. And they have DONE SOMETHING to Bassett’s JB’s- they are not as nice and the green ones (my favourite) are now horrid!!!!
    This is a great idea but like you, I wouldn’t dare do it regularly!
    By the way, I hold you ENTIRELY responsible for my trip to the kitchen to raid the treat box for some Waitrose Jelly easter eggs and Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs that I am currently eating. I did NOT want sweets until now!!!
    Do you know, it ANNOYS me that hoods aren’t cool! WHYYYYYYYYYY???? Hoods are Goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!xxx
    I always enjoy your vlogs!!x

    • Splodz

      Er sorry not sorry!!!
      Thanks for saying you enjoy my vlogs. I’ve decided to give it a break for the moment as I was just exhausted and it takes so much time. Shame as I really enjoy making them and sharing them. I’ll be back, though 🙂

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