Dressing Gown & Sweets | Weekly Vlog 21

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Are you enjoying my weekly vlogs? I’ve been dabbling in this YouTube thing for 21 weeks now and would really love to know what you think. Do let me know! And then watch the latest episode, featuring that lovely soft dressing gown of mine even more (I think I need another one so it at least looks like I’ve been washing it!), and a whole load of sweets that were sent to me in the post.

Weekly Vlog 21 Thumbnail

It’s another very chatty vlog for you – I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing really – I seem to have had a lot to say. I also try an unboxing as part of this one, opening my Scoff Club subscription box on camera.

I’l not give you loads of written words to go with it this time so please just go ahead and watch:

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Oh and I’m hoping to include an #AskSplodz segment in next week’s video, so get your questions in over on twitter.


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