Review: Ghostek Atomic Waterproof iPhone Case

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Knowing that I would be wanting to get full use out of my phone camera while I was away in North America, my friends at Mobile Fun sent me one of their new waterproof cases to try out. The Ghostek Atomic 2 is waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant, meaning you can stop worrying about what might happen to your phone and just get on with whatever adventure lies before you.

Ghostek Atomic iPhone Case

Whenever I get a waterproof case for anything I always test it out in the sink at home first – the tissue test. Simply put a clean, dry tissue inside the case, seal it up as per the instructions, and dunk the whole thing in water for a few minutes. If the tissue comes out bone dry you are good to add your device and get on with life. Once I was happy that the case would do as advertised, I packed it in my bag and off we went to North America for our ten-week motorcycle trip.

Ghostek Atomic iPhone Case

Apart from the fact that this case protects my phone from water and dust, the thing that most people notice about the Ghostek is how low profile it is. It really doesn’t add much bulk to my iPhone 6 at all, and fits with the style of the phone. The lack of bulk does mean I’m not confident dropping this from any kind of height onto concrete, but it does have a metal edge and raised bevel so there is some drop protection there – and it has a handy wrist strap that helps me avoid dropping it in the first place.

Ghostek Atomic iPhone Case

Practically speaking, the case is very easy to fit (and take off again) meaning I didn’t have to use it all the time; I could swap it for my slimmer case when I didn’t need the extra protection, and easily refit it when it rained or we headed out onto the water. You can get to all the buttons and switches, the finger print scanner still works (a definite bonus on this kind of case), and the camera works fine through the cover with no apparent loss of quality. The only thing that’s a bit awkward is the mute button – it’s a tiny little knob that you spin around to activate the switch on the phone, it works, but it’s bit fiddly.

Whale Watching - Ghostek Atmoic Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Using the case while whale watching. No problem! The photo I was taking is below.

Whale Watching - Ghostek Atmoic Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Unfortunately, the bung that fits into the hole where the charging cable goes in, which finishes off the waterproofing of the case and means the phone is submergible, fell off a couple of weeks into the trip. This doesn’t ruin the case completely – I’m still using it when I want some protection against water or dust (or snow…), but naturally am not going to use it anywhere where it might go under the water. So no swimming with it. It’s a shame, for sure, as it does reduce the usefulness of the case, but it’s not been a huge problem on this trip. Oh, and I should mention that you need to use an official cable to charge your phone while it’s in this case due to the size of the hole – my Lifedge cable was too bulky to fit.

On a Glacier- Ghostek Atmoic Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Using the case in the snow.

I would say this is one of the best value waterproof cases I have seen on the market recently, and I would recommend it. Just be careful of that bung.

You can find the Ghostek Atomic 2 case for iPhone 6/6S on the Mobile Fun Website here. In fact, they have a wide range of waterproof cases for iPhone just in case you’re heading off on an adventure with yours.

Thank you to Mobile Fun for gifting me this phone case.

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