Currently Loving | September 2016

As you will have noticed I have had a few months off the monthly Currently Loving posts here on Splodz Blogz; I was away for three months then had a super busy month at work in August, and September has quite simply flown by. I did think I should start in October but I had created a little list and thought I’d just start with one now and find some kind of schedule again from now on. In case you’re not sure, the premise of this post is each month I present ten things that I’m “currently loving”… a post about things, stuff, items that make me smile or bring me some kind of enjoyment. A slight move away from the outdoors and bucket list side of things, but one that I enjoy putting together and I hope you enjoy reading.

Currently Loving: September 2016

(The numbered version of this photo is at the bottom of the post.)

1. I love my Dr Martens. My patent ones made it into my first Currently Loving post back in November last year, and I still have them and wear them more often than any other pair of shoes I own. But these quilted DMs are the latest addition to my small collection (about a year ago now, and quite scuffed in fairness), and they are definitely starting to replace my patent ones as my faves.

2. I have definitely fallen in love with listening to music again this year. Music, playing and listening, has always been a huge part of my life and it has never faded as a passion, but for some reason right now I am thoroughly enjoying losing myself in the notes of all kinds of music styles. I mean, is there anything more stimulating than a loud and angry piece of classical music with loads of bass and timpani?! I’ve got my eye on some super awesome Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones that I tried when we were in Canada, but the price, the price!

3. I know I might be going on about it quite a lot but I had to include road trip memories in this month’s currently loving, represented here by a few of the stickers I picked up while we were away – they will eventually make it onto my motorcycle top box. There is no doubt about it, I had the trip of a lifetime over in the USA and Canada, visiting some rather awesome places and having some experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. If I’m honest I’m still struggling to come back down to earth and that’s a couple of months since we got home. I’ve had a short break from posting road trip posts here but there are some more coming very soon; if you want to catch up on my ramblings please start here.

4. One of the things I asked of myself this year in my Goals and Challenges for 2016 was to get back into the habit of eating breakfast. And I think I’ve done that. One thing that I have rediscovered recently is granola – I enjoy it especially when paired with a good vanilla yogurt and some fresh berries or banana. If you have a favourite granola let me know as I’d love to try some different ones.

5. My currently loving post is the only place you’ll generally see any mention of make-up here on Splodz Blogz, and for good reason. This Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is basically it, especially when I go away. I have been tempted by other things in the past, and do have some nice eye shadow and mascara for when I want to make an effort, but when it comes to my every day make-up “look” I always keep coming back to this.

6. I think Batiste has been in my currently loving list a few times now, but this latest incarnation deserves a mention as I think it’s a definite improvement on the original. It’s the Batiste Bare, a lighter version of the iconic dry shampoo that I have found must more pleasant to use. I really to rely on this stuff way more than I should, but when you enjoy motorcycling you need something to combat the helmet hair!

7. Frozen grapes have been a revelation to me. Yes, frozen. They are a brilliant way to get that sweet fix without turning to the Jelly Tots or Tootie Frooties. Tipped off by a friend, we now have some in our freezer all the time. A few of these after my evening meal satisfy my sweet tooth just perfectly. Try it!

8. I know I am totally addicted to the internet and especially social media, but you already know that so I don’t mind sharing it on here. More specifically right now I am loving Instagram (get following @Splodz if you’re not already!). Over the last few months my account has crept up to just over 850 followers, and I’m really enjoying sharing mainly landscapes that I’ve taken on my phone along with some other randomness.

9. Ahhh autumn days means I’ve got the slippers out of the wardrobe and can enjoy wearing them again. These are The North Face Tent Mules and they are the best slippers EVER! This is my third pair in a row (these ones were a Christmas gift). They are warm, cosy and comfortable.

10. I might be back in boots and slippers thanks to the cooler weather, but I’m still wearing my sunglasses. These are my Sunnies of London bamboo sunglasses and I get so many comments about them when I wear them that they were the first thing to make it onto my list this time around. They are light and very comfortable to wear, and even fit nicely under my Arai helmet when I’m riding. I’m not sure if they actually suit me but I don’t care, I like them.

Currently Loving: September 2016

What are your favourite things this month? Do you like/dislike any of my choices? Let me know in the comments below.

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