The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 51 #SplodzWPC

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Okay we really are getting close to Christmas now. It’s such a frantic time of year, so much about the present buying, the parties, the decorations, the cheesy music. I feel myself becoming more and more stressed out trying to get the right gift for the right person, and writing my food shopping list way earlier than I would at any other time of year. I do try to remember that Christmas isn’t about any of those things but rather about love and humility and kindness. Not the kind of emotions you see in all the Christmas specials on the telly box, but about real actions that mean something in a world as hectic as the one we live in.

SplodzWPC Weekly Photo Challenge

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Week 51 Theme: The Real Meaning of Christmas

So this week I want you to think about the real meaning of Christmas – what does this time of year mean for you, and how do you make sure that doesn’t get lost in amongst all the other stuff that’s thrust upon us? And how can you show that in a photograph?

SplodzWPC - Cappadocia Cave

As a Christian, Christmas for me is primarily about love and kindness. And I’ve chosen these gloomy images I took in Cappadocia when I was there last year. It shows the inside of one of the caves where Christians hid during the persecution. It would have been full of animals as well as families trying to escape, and the black marks are from the open fire used for cooking. This could indeed be the kind of place Mary and Joseph ran away to after they were warned King Herod wanted to kill Jesus; not here in Turkey, but something like this. Believe what you will God wise, but this situation was real and must have been so scary.

SplodzWPC - Cappadocia Cave

I’d love it if you’d take part in this week’s theme. Here are the “rules”:

  1. Post your photos to your favourite social media using hashtag #SplodzWPC
  2. You can post as many photos as you like each week – no limit – go crazy!
  3. Interpret the given theme any way you choose. Include a caption if you want to. Don’t if you don’t want to.
  4. Checkout the hashtag and say hi to other people taking part.
  5. It’s just a bit of fun – use it as a bit of photographic inspiration and enjoy 🙂

As always please interpret the weekly theme as you wish. Have fun – get snapping and sharing, and don’t forget to chat to others who take part too. Enjoy! 

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