The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 52 #SplodzWPC

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That’s all folks, we’ve made our way all the way from week one through to week 52. And so this will be your last #SplodzWPC theme for the year. Thanks so much for joining in – did you take part every week?! I really hope you’ve enjoyed getting involved in this year-long photo project.

This time next week I’ll be back with a new photo challenge, so make sure you are subscribed (and following me on instagram), to find out all about it as soon as it goes live. I’ll give you a little clue – it’s going to be shorter, but more regular!

But back to finishing up this year’s challenge… your topic for this week isn’t going to be that surprising!

SplodzWPC Weekly Photo Challenge

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Week 52 Theme: The End

For our last #SplodzWPC theme I want to show me “the end”. What do you feel when something finishes? When you cross the finish line? When you complete or achieve something? Show me “the end” in a photograph.

Here’s mine; taken at the end of the Spires and Steeples Challenge walk, a 26 (and a bit) mile hike from Lincoln to Sleaford though some of Lincolnshire’s loveliest villages. The year this was taken I took on the challenge solo, which definitely made it harder – it’s a long way for me to battle with both my own legs and my own mind. But I did it, and in doing so undid all the feelings of defeat the previous year.

Spires and Steeples Challange - Crossing the finish line!

Spires and Steeples Challenge. Done.

And because I didn’t actually take that photograph (well, I’m in it…), here’s one I did take. Taken of the amazing pink sunset wet watched at the end of the Lyke Wake Walk in the North Yorkshire Moors. Now that was a good couple of days!

Lyke Wake Walk - Pink Sunset

Sunset over the North Yorkshire Moors.

I’d love it if you’d take part in this week’s theme. Here are the “rules”:

  1. Post your photos to your favourite social media using hashtag #SplodzWPC
  2. You can post as many photos as you like each week – no limit – go crazy!
  3. Interpret the given theme any way you choose. Include a caption if you want to. Don’t if you don’t want to.
  4. Checkout the hashtag and say hi to other people taking part.
  5. It’s just a bit of fun – use it as a bit of photographic inspiration and enjoy 🙂

As always please interpret the weekly theme as you wish. Have fun – get snapping and sharing, and don’t forget to chat to others who take part too. Enjoy! 

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