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Today we are treated to a post inspired by Shine Media to help us all feel a little bit more organised when we’re feeling super busy. Here are five apps you should check out if you don’t already use them…  

Five Apps All Grown-ups Need

Between work meetings, families, traffic and bills, life as an adult can easily become chaotic. We all secretly crave shortcuts that won’t compromise our endeavours and productivity. Although our phones are often the pinnacles of distraction, I often go to my mobile to check out the latest apps that will help me out. Whether it be organisation or general life hacks, I have discovered the top 5 apps every grown-up needs to make life a little more easier to manage.

1. Dropbox

Shine Media - DropBox

The King of file sharing and storage, Dropbox is a necessity for adults and businesses alike. Store photos and documents online, share files to a specific audience, and create/organise files for easy access from any device. Gone are the days of forgetting presentation notes on your laptop at home – store to Dropbox to gain access at work!

2. Ocado

If you’re tired of endless line-ups, out of stock items and finding that perfect shopping cart, try Ocado next time you need to supermarket run. A supermarket at your fingertips, Ocado lets you order groceries to be delivered to your door. Save precious time by making virtual grocery lists and re-ordering your commonly purchased items.

3. Hungry House

Shine Media - Hungry House

When the thought of throwing together a meal at home is sickening, perhaps a takeaway meal is in the agenda for the evening. Hungry House has compiled loads of cuisine types from thousands of restaurants across the UK to make dinner selection breeze. You don’t have to worry if you and the four other members of your household all are craving different meal types; everyone will be satisfied when dinner arrives to the door. This app will remember your favourite dishes and tracks your order from restaurant to dinner table.

4. Evernote

Sync your data seamlessly between multiple devices with Evernote to achieve organisational nirvana. Create to-do lists, tasks, objectives, notes, documents and files with a user-friendly interface that is a lifesaver for any busy person. Evernote’s reviews are raving for a reason; this platform will manage your life in a colourful and convenient manner.

5. Handy

Shine Media - Handy

After a day of visiting clients and running errands, we all succumb to a night on the couch when we perhaps should be tidying. Luckily, the Handy app is available to help us out with things around the house that we may not have time for. Based on the flexibility of your schedule, choose a date and time and task (cleaning, assembling a shelf, watering the garden) and a professional will contact you shortly to confirm the date and task. Although this app can run up the bill depending on usage, the convenience of having a cleaner do a quality job at scrubbing the bathroom tiles will save you lots of time and worry.


Which apps can’t you live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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