I have to admit that I found January a very long month. It seemed to go on forever. I know that wishing our lives away is not good, and certainly doesn’t fit in with my life is all about the journey mantra, but sometimes it’s good to keep moving forward! And with the turn of the calendar page, it’s time for another dip into the world of lifestyle blogging with my monthly currently loving feature. Here are ten things I’m particularly enjoying at the moment. As always, these are in no particular order and include quite a random bunch of bits and bobs that are, well, making me smile. 

Splodz Blogz Currently Loving February 2017

Currently Loving | February 2017

01. This year I have been named as one of Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside Champions. This is definitely something I am loving, and not just because of my fab new blue coat! GetOutside sums up one of the main aims I have for Splodz Blogz; to spend as much time outside doing fun things as I can, and to encourage you to do the same. I might not be quite as adventurous as many of the other names on the list, but I hope that my inclusion will speak to you and inspire you to use your spare time for fresh air focused activities rather than television or other things.

02. Oooo a foam roller, how did that make it into my favourites? Well, er, because it really does the job! After a long walk or a day on my feet, my calf muscles often complain. A few minutes with this thing, even though it might make me cry at the time, sorts the soreness out and means I can rest and sleep much easier. I admit I am not one of these people who uses my foam roller as part of my normal exercise routine, it’s not a prevention device for me, but it seems to work in lieu of some else’s thumbs when I’m stretching. This is similar to the one I have.

03. The map pictured is meant to represent a location rather than the map itself, and that is the New Forest. I have friends in Southampton and have holidayed in the area on numerous occasions, but recently there has been something that has pulled me to want to explore the New Forest more. It’s just such a beautiful example of British countryside; moorland, woodland, marshland, great walking and cycling opportunities, and of course the ponies. If you have never been to the New Forest, add it to your list for this year, it’s wonderful.

04. The daffodils, which are a favourite in themselves because they are just so pretty and really brighten up my kitchen, are here to represent springtime. It’s definitely on the way; we have British daffodils in the shops, snowdrops peeking through in woodland areas, and the evenings are getting noticeably lighter. I love the winter, and am disappointed we haven’t had a proper one this year, but spring is just so full of hope and optimism I can’t help but wish it here soonest.

05. Popcorn is a great snack – it’s pretty good for you in comparison to other snacks and is something I simply really enjoy eating. I absolutely love this coconut and vanilla one from Propercorn, sweet enough to curb the cravings but with a unique and very enjoyable flavour. If you haven’t tried the purple bags yet, do so, it’s so good!

06. This car accessory was one of those things that I thought “that’ll do” when we bought it a few weeks ago, but actually it is very good at its job and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution like this. The Magic Mount is a magnetic phone mount for your car; you attach the mount to your dashboard (there’s also an air vent version), the thin magnetic plate to your phone case, and it will hold your phone in place when you are driving so you can see the all important satnav directions. I thought maybe the magnets wouldn’t be strong enough when on back roads or bumpy roads, but so far it’s been absolutely solid. It’s also universal – it’ll work with any phone. A good buy. I have the “pro dash” version, which we bought in Stormfront, but I can’t actually find that one available online in the UK which is really odd. This is the non-pro version on Mobile Fun.

07. Who doesn’t like a flask? I’ve had this one by SIGG for years, it’s handy because it has a little metal defuser at the top so I can put my teabag or teal eaves in there and not worry about having to fish out my bag from the flask or end up with stewed tea when it comes to drinking it. A flask is also great as it means I don’t have to spend money on hot drinks when I’m out and about – it’s nice to stop in a café for a pit stop sometimes, but often it’s nicer to find a bench with a great view and sip away.

08. I feel like I am definitely late to the party when it comes to Lush solid shampoo bars, but I’m so pleased I have discovered it. It has so many benefits – it’s small, neat, doesn’t have any plastic (or other) packaging, lasts ages (and ages), and my hair seems to really like it. This is Jason and the Argan Oil, chosen with the help of the assistant in Lush a few weeks ago, and it’s really very good. I am converted.

09. I’ve had all the nice comments about this enamel mug, a Christmas gift that has been the star of instagram, I just had to include it here. It’s by a company called Sass & Belle, is made from enamel so is very useful outdoors, and has the perfect message on it for me. I actually happen to think that tea tastes best anywhere, but there is something very lovely about drinking it outdoors.

10. I often include good quality chocolate in my Currently Loving post, and this time we have these four tiny little bars of Green & Blacks goodness. I’m not sure how they’ve lasted this long actually; they are part of a tasting box my sister gave me as a gift, which included 12 different flavours – they represent my four favourite flavours: White, Milk Chocolate and Anglesey Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate and Ginger, and Milk Chocolate and Butterscotch. I mean I don’t think I’d ever turn down a bar of Green & Blacks, but these flavours top the bill for me.

Splodz Blogz Currently Loving February 2017

What are you “currently loving” this month? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Bex Band

    I recently discovered foam rollers…amazing! It’s so painful and so good at the same time.
    I’m also a massive fan of the Lush shampoo bar 🙂

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