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Did you know that a quarter of people in the UK feel that a 15 minute walk is too far and they will take the car instead? 15 minutes. This was the fact that shocked and worried me enough to come up with One Hour Outside, a campaign that I hope will help us all make getting outside every single day part of our daily routine. And I am super chuffed that so many of you have chosen to take part in the February challenge – one hour outside every day for 28 days straight.

But despite being the instigator of this challenge, going on and on and on about it (sorry), and receiving so many lovely comments from people taking part and encouraging others to take part, my own first week of One Hour Outside has not gone entirely to plan.

One Hour Outside February - Fossdyke in the Rain

The Fossdyke in the drizzle.

Unfortunately for me (and those who had to listen to my whinging, albeit whispering), I began February feeling quite sorry for myself thanks to some kind of cold or virus or infection or something. Yuk. I had a really lovely (very slow) walk on the first of the month along the Fossdyke in Lincoln, in the hope that the fresh air might help me feel better. But in total contrast to all my musings regarding this One Hour Outside thing, what I really needed was to be inside in the warm, not moving very much, away from everything and everyone.

One Hour Outside February - Daffodils

Springtime inside – British daffodils from the farm shop.

I gave in, in hindsight probably three days late (who likes admitting they are ill?!), and spent the next four days at home with a few daffodils for company and plenty of tea. I pretty much completely lost my voice, watched way too much daytime TV, day dreamed about adventures, wore the most appalling joggers and slipper socks, and basically vegged. Ugh!!

One Hour Outside February - Planning West Highland Way

Stuck inside so planning future adventures – reading my West Highland Way guide book.

Thankfully I am back up and about now, not quite better but well enough to go to work (probably) and able to speak (although not actually able to control the volume of my voice yet, that’s weird). On Monday I headed out for a walk in my lunchbreak and it really brightened my spirit. Getting outside really is good for the soul! The sky was beautiful, throwing some wonderful reflections on the water, and I got a couple of happy looking snaps for the memory bank.

One Hour Outside February - Brayford Pool, Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral from Brayford Pool in the sunshine.

One Hour Outside February - Lincoln

The River Witham, Lincoln.

The first seven days of One Hour Outside might not have been brilliant for me, but you know, I can’t have everything. Most importantly, how as the first week of One Hour Outside February edition gone for you? How are you finding it? Is it a challenge? Is it helping?! Where have you been? Have you explored anywhere new? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtag #OneHourOutside over on twitter and instagram, and don’t forget to tag me @Splodz to let me know how you’re getting on.

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  1. M.I.L

    Glad you’re feeling better, actually managed ‘ Oldrids Downtown’ to Hubert’s Bridge along south fourty bank the other day. It might only be two miles each way along an easy path but it’s SO boring!

    • Splodz

      Sometimes walks are just dull… I walked home from work this evening along the main road. Boring!!! But it’s still good time spent outside.

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