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I don’t know about you, but this week my One Hour Outside efforts have been so much easier than the previous two weeks. It’s been a little warmer (super warm for February at the weekend), we’ve had some blue skies, and I’ve had few lunchtime errands to run leaving more time for walking around.

Crocus, Lincoln, Splodz Blogz

Crocus in Lincoln.

The first thing to note is that spring is definitely nearly here. I’ve noticed loads of snow drops and crocuses this week – how fab!

Peter Rabbit Woodland Trail, Langdon Nature Reserve | Splodz Blogz

Woodland trail at Langdon Nature Reserve, Essex.

At the weekend we headed down to visit friends in Essex and made the most of the afternoon sun (how warm was it for February?!) by exploring the Peter Rabbit Woodland Trail at Langdon Nature Reserve, run by Essex Wildlife Trust. We had a great time searching for the woodland characters; I gave it its own blog post.

Peter Rabbit Woodland Trail, Langdon Nature Reserve | Splodz Blogz

We hunted for Peter Rabbit and we found him!

Then on Sunday, back home and with a shed load of chores to get done, I combined my hour in the fresh air between weeding the flower bed and walking to the farm shop for a head of broccoli. Perhaps not quite the stuff of a GetOutside Champion, but it’s better than nothing.

Lincoln Cathedral and a Moody Sky, Splodz Blogz

Lincoln Cathedral on a cloudy day.

The rest of the days have been all about wandering around close to the office in my lunch hour. I do this regularly, it’s good to explore where you live and let’s face it, when you work in a town you have little choice when it comes to a lunchtime walk. I generally either walk up to the Castle and Cathedral, both very impressive buildings that warrant regular visitation, or along the Fossdyke. I noticed this statue for the first time when I was up hill; I’ve worked in Lincoln for over 11 years and I’ve never actually spotted it before. I wonder who it is?!

Mystery Statue in Lincoln, Splodz Blogz

I should probably have Googled this statue before I wrote this blog post.

Walking up the hill to the Cathedral is a good habit to get into and if I’ve got no errands to run in my lunch break I generally head up there. Gets the heart pumping and the legs working!

Steep Hill, Lincoln, Splodz Blogz

Steep Hill, Lincoln.

Tell me… Where have you been for your One Hour Outside each day this week?

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