It might have taken us many months to go through all the footage and put this together, but I am super excited to announce that we have now launched our Zartusacan video series!

If you like road trips, travel, motorbikes, the USA or Canada (or just us!), you should definitely check them out. Episode one is live now over on my YouTube channel, Splodz Blogz TV, and there will be a new episode every Friday for the next few weeks.

There are ten episodes in all, produced by LincsGeek and myself as a personal reminder of what we got up to on our road trip, but that we thought you might also enjoy watching. They are not professional productions, filmed on a combination of our iPhones, Nikon DSLR and Drift Stealth action camera, and edited in Premier Elements.

Make sure you are subscribed to Splodz Blogz TV to see each episode as it goes live.

If you’d rather read words and look at non-moving pictures, start here.

Splodz Blogz TV

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  1. bigdavezz

    Hey Zoe, been a while since I visited your blog, but glad I did.. really enjoyed Part One video…. looking forward to the next instalment. Some great footage…

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