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After the relative success of SplodzJanPC and SplodzFebPC, it’s now time for SplodzMarPC… I did think about having a break this month but when I asked twitter (because twitter always knows best) it was clear that wasn’t an option! So consider this your call to action – inspiration to take/share one photo a day every day in March. 

Here are your themes:

SplodzMarPC Daily Photo Themes

It’s been awesome to see how you’ve taken the themes and made them your own, sharing your photos over on twitter and instagram each day (or most days!).

If you’d like to go back and have a look at some of the snaps posted in January and February, here are the links you need:

#SplodzJanPC on twitter | #SplodzJanPC on Instagram

#SplodzFebPC on twitter | #SplodzFebPC on Instagram

As of Wednesday 1 March, make sure you’re using #SplodzMarPC to share your snaps, and use that hashtag when searching for others taking part too.


In case you’re new to this, here’s what we do…

First, it would be awesome if you could follow me on twitter or instagram and then either retweet or repost the theme image. It would be fab to have a whole community of daily photo challenge participants for March 2017.

Each day, take a look at the theme I have set and take a photograph with that in mind, then share using the hashtag #SplodzJanPC on your twitter or instagram feed (or facebook or on your blog, if you so choose).

Using the hashtag means I and others taking part can find your photographs and see what you’ve been taking – and it would be cool if you would share the love by commenting on or liking photos that others taking part are sharing. These links should help:

#SplodzMarPC on twitter | #SplodzMarPC on Instagram

Ideally your photograph should be taken on the day listed, but I’m not going to specifically enforce that rule if you want to use images from your archive (I love sharing old photos for this challenge, it’s a great way to reminisce). Interpret the given theme each day any way you choose, I’m sure you can find a way to make it fit the life you are living that day.

SplodzMarPC Daily Photo Themes

What do you think? Comment below...