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There is something about instagram that I absolutely love. I’ve always enjoyed photography, both taking and viewing, and so to have a constantly updating gallery on my phone is really rather good. A little while ago, back in early 2015, I put together a list of my twenty favourite instagram accounts. I thought now would be a good time to provide you with twenty more accounts to follow. 

These are a mixture of feeds covering travel, outdoors, adventure, and life randomness – basically the kinds of things I like to do with my life and therefore see other people share. If you are anything like me at all then you will love this lot… head over and show them some love – feel free to tell them you discovered them via @Splodz too!

Twenty More Favourite Instagram Accounts | Splodz Blogz

Twenty More Favourite Instagram Accounts

In no particular order…

01. Scott | @scott_mac1

Beautiful photos of the Lake District and other awesome walking locations. He’s a fellow GetOutside Champion this year and a brilliant photographer.


02. Ordnance Survey | @ordnancesurvey

Sharing beautiful photos of the UK taken by themselves and their #GetOutside Champions (yes, sometimes even me!). Certainly fuels my desire to get out into the countryside.


03. Aleks Kashefi | @barefootaleks

Runs. Barefoot.


04. Merrell | @merrelloutside

Some brands just seem to get instagram. Merrell is definitely one of them. Just makes me want to go out and play!


05. Kate | @kejamieson

Another GetOutside Champion – loves the sea, mountains, snow and coffee. Need I say more?


06. Suzanne | @meanderingwild

Amazing photographs of all things wild.


07. Hels | @thegreen_flamingo

Gardens and mountains with a bit of adventure thrown in. I particularly love the macro stuff.


08. Kim Stone | @kistography

Capturing moments in images. Views to die for.


09. Holly Johnson | @missholldoll

You see how much I enjoy big views? Holly has a big-time account and fuels my wanderlust daily.


10. Jeff Bartlett | @photojbartlett

An adventure photographer and writer based in the Canadian Rockies.


11. Ruth Daly | @ruthhdaly

Beautiful images taken as she takes a year out to write and travel.


12. Nathan Millward | @nathanthepostman

Rode an old post-bike home from Australia when his visa ran out, and continues to go on amazing motorcycle road trips.


13. Clif Bar | @clifbar

Another brand feed that insists on fuelling my wanderlust. I want to visit ALL the places! (And eat all the bars…!)


14. Hiking the Globe | @hikingtheglobe

Life is most definitely better outside, you can’t help but feel inspired by these photographs.


15. Paul Nicklen | @paulnicklen

A photo journalist for National Geographic, Paul posts ocean-focused images that show me things I one day hope to see with my own eyes.


16. Team AA | @ourgreatproject

A mother and daughter adventurous duo, enjoying everything that the great outdoors has to offer.


17. Kalen Thorien | @kalenthorien

Pro skier who loves the open road, especially on a motorcycle!


18. The Endless Adventure | @theendlessadventure

A travelling couple who also have a rather addictive YouTube channel if you prefer your pictures moving. I particularly loved their stuff in the north of England.


19. Luis Getter | @lostworldluis

A recent discovery for me, their travel photos take me back to some of my favourite places in the world.


20. Anna and Adam | @beeandroo

Outdoor adventurers and gear nerds, the perfect combo!



21… ME!! @Splodz

I couldn’t really put mine in the main list, but I’d love to connect with you over on instagram if you fancy it. Come say hi @Splodz 🙂


There are thousands of others, but but I hope you like my list of twenty more favourite instagram accounts to get you started. See the original twenty here.

What are your favourite instagram feeds? And what is your feed name? Let me know in the comments below so we can all see.




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  1. Sarah - Craft Invaders

    What a stunning collection of instagram accounts Zoe – breathtaking images. I follow quite a few of these, and Scott’s photography always blows me away.. Off to follow the rest now 🙂

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