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You may be surprised to learn that I don’t like to have a big thick waterproof and rugged case on my phone all the time. They are super handy for when I’m doing fun outdoorsy things at the weekend, but they are too cumbersome for a normal day in the office. But I still need protection for my phone – I don’t trust myself to have the expensive and rather fragile piece of tech without a case for my lunchtime walks and random quick outdoor activities.

New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs

The New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs is rather nice looking, don’t you think? I was very kindly sent one about a month ago now and as I hadn’t heard of this company before now, I had no preconceived ideas as to the quality. I’m very impressed. It looks nice, fits well, doesn’t add too much bulk, and provides a good amount of protection (for a normal case).

New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs

VRS Designs say this is a “refined, functional and practical” case that “lets the phone’s beauty shine unhindered”. Well I don’t know about the second part of that, but I would agree that it’s a very professional and sleek looking case. It’s very easy to put on my phone (and take it off again), provides access to all the buttons and is nice to hold.

New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs

Apparently this thing has US Military drop protection, although I have to admit I’ve not put that to the test – I’d rather not if that’s all the same to you. The edges of the case are made from a flexible material that cushions the phone (and means you can dress your phone in it very easily), and the metal bumper that goes all around the edge of the case will almost certainly take any of the dents and scratches that a drop onto the floor might normally leave your phone with.

New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs

I think if I was designing this I wouldn’t bother with the cut-out for the Apple logo on the back of the case, I’ve never really understood why so many cases have that, but apart from that it’s a great design.

At £30 the New High Pro Shield case is not the cheapest but it’s certainly not the most expensive, a good price for the product and an amount I would happily pay.

New High Pro Shield case from VRS Designs

Get yours from the VRS Designs website in a variety of colours.


Thank you to VRS Designs for sending me one of these cases to test and review. As always with any review or product trial here on Splodz Blogz, opinions, words and photographs are my own.

I am actually in the market for a new rugged case for my iPhone 6 in readiness for the West Highland Way later this year. Any suggestions?


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