As I get older I definitely see the benefit of experiences over things, and this is something I talk about quite a lot here on my blog and on my social media feeds. So you might wonder why I continue with my slightly irregular Currently Loving series, where I mainly feature material objects that make me smile. Well, there is a balance to be had. It’s not terrible to have nice things, not a problem to enjoy talking about the things you like, and actually sometimes certain things can help you enjoy those experiences even more. So here we go with ten more favourites that I’ve been loving this month.

Splodz Blogz Currently Loving June 2017

01. Every outdoorsy women needs a good day pack. Actually even if you’re not outdoorsy, a comfortable and practical rucksack is one of those things you still need. I’ve had my Osprey Tempest 20 for a couple of years now and it’s such a useful workhorse. It’s perfect for day hikes, works well for cycling to work, and also does the job when I’m just out for the day and need to carry a reasonable amount of stuff. I know at least two of you who have purchased one of your own because I keep banging on about it, and if you are in the market for a new pack of this size then you needn’t look any further. A really excellent pack – read my review here and a handy post on what to put inside it here. And find it on the Osprey website here.

02. Porridge provides an excellent start to the day, and instant porridge pots have been my go to breakfast when camping because it’s warm, nutritious, and only requires boiling water to make it. Normally I have plain own-brand porridge and add a banana or something to it, but I recently received these new Stoats Porridge Quick Pots and I’m sold. They are just so well considered – tasty, good source of protein, quick to make, warming for the belly, and plenty of flavour throughout the porridge. I’m a big rhubarb fan so that one was always going to be my favourite – perhaps not the most summery of flavours but I don’t care!

03. Another camping food essential if you’re packing light and don’t have time to cook up a meal worthy of a Michelin star when you’re under canvas are dehydrated food pouches. I’ve never been a fan, in fact I’ve avoided them, but it’s great to see some brands coming up with good quality versions these days. These Firepot pouches by Outdoor Food are really excellent. For a start they taste like they are supposed to, and while they are mostly porridge consistency they do have a texture that is palatable rather than just being a big pile of slop. I mean, you can actually tip them out into a bowl and not be put off by what it looks like! The mushroom risotto is my current favourite. Find them here.

04. I’m a big fan of shirts, especially the thin and loose fitting variety – they are comfortable, flattering, and work for pretty much any occasion. This is my current favourite, a thin cotton shirt from Gap. It’s the boyfriend fit, which I find works best for my shape, and was great value from my local Gap Outlet. It is one of those pieces of clothing that I wear straight from the wash. Who doesn’t like a blue striped shirt?! There’s a similar one here.

05. The latest Buff in my collection is here to represent Off Road Skills, the company behind the BMW off road courses over in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. I headed over to do the level one course and had a seriously good time, learning all kinds of riding techniques that mean I’m already a much more confident rider. It warrants a blog post to itself sometime soon, so I will just say that if you are a biker and fancy learning how to ride on dirt, you should definitely go on one of these courses. Check me out over on instagram!

06. I would choose dried mango over a bag of sweets… enough said!

07. These bright orangey purple shoes are my new KEEN Terradora walking boots, a women’s specific boot designed to be light and supportive and take you anywhere from mountains to fitness trails. I admit I was a little dubious – I mean, they are so light and flexible how could they possibly be any good for the trail? But they really are good, especially in the warm weather we’ve had recently, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take them on a decent length day hike. They are proving most useful for when I walk home from work, though, as they provide plenty of comfortable cushioning for walking for miles on concrete.

08. A token make-up item for you in this month’s Currently Loving; my new “all in one” concealer from Body Shop. It is proving to be excellent to cover up my dark circles and blemishes, is very easy to blend, and is useful for touching up on the go. And of course because it is Body Shop, it’s not tested on bunny rabbits!

09. I bought the Lush Big Shampoo because friend Kate said it was amazing and I would love it, and I am so pleased I took the chance. It’s brilliant! Who’d have thought I could get any kind of volume in my flat and lifeless hair?! I love the feel of this, love how clean it makes my hair, and love how my hair feels once it’s dry. Mermaid locks!

10. Another well used item here, my Blowfish Gard Sandals. I’ve had them at least a couple of years and they are just perfect for wearing all day whether it’s for work or casual, with a dress or jeans. You just can’t argue with a pair of super comfortable sandals in the hot weather! They are still available from Office here if you’re quick and have size three feet!!

Splodz Blogz Currently Loving June 2017

What are you currently loving this month?

What do you think of my choices?

Tell me in the comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. papytee

    Going to try that lush shampoo – I usually hate Lush (can’t breathe when walking past, let alone go in the shop) but you’ve piqued my interest. Also going to have a look at the Outdoor Food site –
    need to take dehydrated stuff for the Wadi Rum Ultra so need to start sampling different types to figure out what I like/need/want 🙂 Thanks!

    • Splodz

      Glad to be of service! Yea Lush can be a bit overpowering on the nose for sure! Let me know what you think of the food – I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback around.

  2. Kate Jamieson

    Yay, I’m sooo glad you love the shampoo. It’s more expensive but it’s my absolute favourite! I have been looking at the Osprey pack for a while as I think mine is just that little bit too big for the day when it’s not a big walk!

    • Splodz

      It’s so good – thanks for the recommendation 🙂 🙂
      The pack is awesome. I need a larger one for the West Highland Way and will definitely be looking Osprey for one – worth spending the money to get good kit.

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