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In exactly the same way that having new running gear might encourage you to leave the house and head out for a run, having new cycling gear is a great way to get me on my bike. Good weather and plenty of energy helps too, of course, but the new gear thing is sure to work – at least for a week or two. Naturally when I was offered some pieces from the new Boardman cycling clothing range, I said yes, absolutely!

Splodz Blogz | Cycling to work in the Boardman Cycle Clothing from Halfords

Cycling home from work, wearing my Boardman mountain bike shorts.

The clothing has been designed by Chris Boardman and his team to appeal to all types of rider. Available exclusively in Halfords, the range consists of a handful of cycling specific pieces for men and women who like to cycle on the road or on the trail. This is the first thing that appealed; I dislike cycling in tight shorts and super fitted jerseys – I know this is the usual attire for cyclists these days but I’d sooner have some baggy shorts and a loose fitting tee than squeeze myself into anything (ever!). Yes there are road cycling items in the range, but there are also a number of mountain bike specific items, including some specifically for women.

Splodz Blogz | Boardman Cycle Clothing from Halfords

Boardman Women’s Limited Edition Mountain Bike Shorts.

I’ll start with the shorts as these are probably the most important and well worn item for me out of the three I received to test out. I have wide thighs and a big butt which often makes shorts and trousers a right pain to get. In fact it always makes shorts and trousers a right pain to get! But with these being a wide leg mountain bike short I am happy to report that they fit well and are comfortable when riding.

The internal removable shorts have a large pad which helps make the saddle as comfortable as possible; I mean, nothing makes a saddle really comfortable, but you know what I mean – I would go as far to say these shorts have the best pad I’ve had. The inner short attaches to the outer short with a series of poppers, which is a good move by Boardman as a) I can take the shorts out to wash separately (or just if I want to walk into town without looking like I’ve eaten too much curry), and b) there isn’t any scratchy velcro on the inside of the short to chafe my hips.

The outer short is made from a moisture wicking material (vital!), have a bit of stretch to them, and are adjustable at the waist thanks to velcro tabs. They have a single pocket with a zip closure on the right thigh which is the perfect size and placement for my phone. At £35 I think these are great value, I’ve already got plenty of use out of these (thanks to the amazing summer we’re getting this year), and would definitely purchase a second pair should I start to commute by bike even more than I do now.

Splodz Blogz | Boardman Cycle Clothing from Halfords

Boardman Women’s Mountain Bike Jersey.

I also chose the mountain bike jersey because it has a looser fit over its more traditional road cycling cousins, and is the sort of thing I would wear every day on the commute to work. I admit that now I’ve looked back at the range in order to grab the links for this review I probably should have chosen the men’s version as that would have been a better match for the shorts as it’s got the same blue as the stitching (did you read my post about gear for girls?). But as far as fit and comfort goes, I’m super happy with this – the shape of the neck, the length of the sleeves, the way the shirt sits, and the three pockets on the back (one with a zip) are all great.

The jacket, in all honesty, has probably not had a proper test yet. It’s just been too warm to need sleeves or any kind of windproofing. Even when it has rained I’ve not wanted another layer, I’ve just coped with getting wet as my ride home from work is only five miles and I know I can jump in the shower when I get there. What I can tell you is that the jacket fits nicely, has reflective elements which will be very handy when the days are a bit shorter as we move towards autumn, has a handy zipped pocket on the back (in which I have put a Buff ready!), and it rolls up really small and fits in one of the small pockets in my pack so I always have it with me.

Sherwood Pines Forest Mark - Mountain Bike Trail

Riding where the bike feels more at home – Sherwood Pines.

If you are looking for some new mountain bike gear to wear then you should definitely check out the range by Boardman at Halfords. I’m really enjoying using it on my cycle commute – especially the shorts. Long may the warm summer days continue so I can get lots more use out of them before I have to find something a bit warmer!

Shop: Shorts £35 | Jersey £30 | Jacket £55 | All Cycle Clothing


Splodz Blogz | Cycling to work in the Boardman Cycle Clothing from Halfords

*I received these three items for free but this is not a sponsored post and, as always, all words, photos and opinions are my own. 



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