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I love to feel organised. Okay, I need to feel organised. It’s something goes beyond all the lists and stretches into a desire to have everything packed in a logical and easily accessible way when I am travelling. And every time I leave the house. One of the things that helps me to this are packing cubes, I use a couple of SpacePaks by Flight001 – I was gifted my first one by the nice people over at Bear and Bear, but went on to buy another and both have proved so super useful whenever I leave the house for an overnight stay.

Flight001 Spacepak Compression Unit from Bear & Bear and my Motorbike

SpacePak as used with my motorbike luggage.

With my suitcases or soft luggage being as organised as they can be thanks to SpacePak, I needed something to help me organise my hand luggage. I generally use a back pack as my hand luggage as I find it’s the most useful and easiest thing to carry, and it is normally the type of bag I need when I get to my destination. That one big pocket is not conducive to feeling organised. Bits and bobs everywhere, never to be found again. And when you get on the plane and have to stow your pack in the overhead locker, you are left with a handful of random things you just can’t live without on the flight, with nowhere to keep them nicely or safely while you eat your meal or try to take a nap.

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

SeatPak. Keeping the bits and bobs together!

I’ve actually had my SeatPak, another Flight001 product, for a couple of years (thanks to my Christmas list!), but recently a friend was watching an old vlog of mine and asked whether I still recommended the product; and I do. Hence this post. I thought this little bag deserved a review here so you can feel as organised when you travel as I do!

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

Three zipped pockets to the front.

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

One larger compartment to the back.

The Flight001 SeatPak is a little minty green pouch style bag with four zip pockets and surprisingly a lot of space to keep all those lose items you would like to have with you on a flight. It has a loop so you can hang it on the back of the seat in front of you, and if you pack it carefully it’s flat enough to fit inside the seat pocket itself so it’s completely out of the way. Each pocket has a label as if to encourage you to be even more organised – documents in one pocket, digital accessories in another, and so on – but I just tend to put things in whichever pocket I choose and ignore the labels. I know – rebel!!

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

Handy hanging/grabbing loop.

When I fly, this little bag is where I keep my passport and boarding pass, headphones, jack adapter, charger cable, some money, tissues and wet wipes, some moisturiser, my phone when I’m not actually allowed to have it on, my toothbrush and toothpaste (moved from the regulation clear plastic bag so it’s easier to find), some socks (planes are cold!), and anything else I can think of when I’m packing. Having my SeatPak and my iPad with me at my seat means I generally don’t have to get my full pack out of the overhead locker during the flight, apart from if I choose to change into my pyjamas (a long haul flight essential!), or have a proper wash and so need those larger items.

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

Lined pockets.

It is a really well made product in a heavy duty material, decent zips, and fully lined pockets. After a couple of years use mine is showing some signs of wear (the labels are rubbing off), but it’s still in great condition and I am certain will last a lot longer yet. Space wise, it is a lot bigger than you might think (you know, like the Tardis…), and keeps everything tidy and organised and from ending up stuck under the lady-in-front-of-you’s seat.

And it’s not just for flights. Despite going on a few brilliant trips recently I actually don’t get on a plane very often – it’s been a year and will be probably be another year before I do again. But this little green bag has proved most useful to me in my everyday life. Because I choose to use a back pack as my day bag more often than not, this bag-to-keep-inside-a-bag is perfect place to keep all my little bits and bobs tidy and together. And it fits inside the hand bag I use for work, making for easy swapping and helping to make sure I don’t end up in once place having left the essentials at home. Right now I have tissues, hair bobbles, antibacterial gel, chewing gum, a couple of sanitary pads, lip salve, my little VARTA power bank and an iPhone cable, headphones, notebook, pen and pencil, hand cream, concealer, painkillers, and a little torch.

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

My current everyday SeatPak contents.

The Flight001 SeatPak is ideal for someone like me who cannot stand having loose and hard-to-find things in their bag, and gets anxious at the thought of losing their headphone jack or Burts Bees lip stuff down the side of the seat when flying. If you are looking for a super useful organisational tool for home or travel, I would definitely recommend this one.

Splodz Blogz | SeatPak by Flight001

Labels to be ignored. These are rubbing off thanks to two years of constant use.

How do you keep the stuff inside your pack organised?

You can find the SeatPak over on Amazon, and there is also now the SeatPak Pro version which looks bigger – I might need to invest all over again!

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    • Splodz

      It’s a fab little product, definitely one for those of us who can’t function without feeling organised!

  1. Sarah | The Urban Wanderer

    Thank you so much for reviewing the SeatPak. I feel very special being the requesting friend 😀 It sounds just the thing that I am looking for. As Jit and I often book our flights separately, we tend to have trouble getting the bits we need from both bags – which is majorly awkward once you are on the flight. So these would be perfect as we could grab them on the way in and have it all to hand. I do also like the idea of using it for a rucksack organiser too. Hmmm, I might have to add these to my wishlist. Just to add, that I really appreciated you showing the inside and how much stuff you can fit into the bag – helps to get a feel for what it can actually do. Thanks again, Zoe! x

    • Splodz

      A couple of these in your packs to grab when you get on the plane sounds perfect then! And thanks for the nice feedback on my post 🙂

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