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National Geographic is one of those magazines that I subscribe to because it’s full of in depth articles about the natural world that teach me something. I’m not very good at reading books, I seem to get half way through and then forget all about it for six months, but the articles in Nat Geo are short enough to read in one go as part of my wind down before I go to sleep, but equally don’t feel like a waste of time like most popular magazines.

One feature I particularly enjoy, found on the National Geographic website, is “favourite photos from around the world”. It’s a great read on the iPad while the dinner is cooking or the washing machine is finishing. And because I love taking photos when I’m on my travels, and I know you don’t always have time to read lengthy articles here on my blog like the ones I’ve been writing recently, I thought I would ‘borrow’ the idea and share five of my own favourite photos from around the world. They might not be quite up to the standard of the work you will find in National Geographic, but I happen to like the shots and I hope you do to.

Favourite Photos From Around the World


Splodz Blogz | Favourite Photos | Canada - Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park

The secret world of the rain forest. Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Splodz Blogz | Favourite Photos | USA - Driftwood and Lighthouse at Bullards Beach State Park

Nothing but driftwood. At Bullards Beach State Park, Oregon.


Splodz Blogz | Favourite Photos | Turkey - Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia

The best sunrise in the world. Hot air ballooning in Goreme, Cappadocia.


Splodz Blogz | Favourite Photos | Finland - Winter in Ruka

Proper winter. Skiing in Ruka.


Splodz Blogz | Favourite Photos | Scotland - View of Ben Loyal

View of Ben Loyal. Taken from the Kyle of Tongue.

What are the favourite photos from your own travel collection? Feel free to share links in the comments below so I can see!


This blog post was inspired by National Geographic magazine, which I received as a gift from

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