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Is there anything nicer than coming in from a great walk in the cool autumn air, getting you’re your comfiest clothing, and snuggling on the sofa to relax for the evening? Add in a bowl of great soup or a thin and crispy veggie pizza and I’m a very happy outdoors loving lady. Introducing the new Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket, a recent purchase that I just know will be a wardrobe staple this season. 

Splodz Blogz | Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket from GO Outdoors

Doing my best fashion blogger impression. Apologies!

I’ve been looking for a snuggly and cosy new fleece for ages. I did have one but it shrunk a bit too much in the wardrobe, as clothes tend to do over the years. And while I have a couple of technical fleeces that work super well when walking or camping, neither are what I would refer to as “cosy”. They keep me warm enough, but they don’t feel cosy; they are thin, smooth, and designed as technical pieces not as Sunday evening snuggling companions.

Splodz Blogz | Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket from GO Outdoors

Trying to break into Lincoln Cathedral!

I headed over to GO Outdoors in Nottingham to go shopping. I love shopping for outdoors gear, there is something wonderful about mooching around a big outdoorsy department store that inspires me to go out and do all kinds of activities. We had a whole Outdoor Bloggers twitter chat on the topic, and I discovered I’m not alone; many people prefer to buy their outdoors stuff in person rather than online, especially clothes. I am just much more successful if I do my research online to narrow down the choices and then head in store to try things on rather than just relying on online shopping all the time. I know we have a GO Outdoors in Lincoln, but the one at Nottingham is so much bigger and so the range of gear on offer is also bigger; it is open until 8pm so I easily have enough time to head over after work during the week without using up one of my important weekend days.

Splodz Blogz | GO Outdoors Nottingham

GO Outdoors Nottingham.

The Jasmine Jacket by Craghoppers stood out to me straight away, actually. I could see there was a cosy lining on the inside and it looked thick and warm. And it is; the textured fleece face and Sherpa fleece back are so comfortable, definitely the sort of thing I want to be spending my post-adventure down time relaxing in! Oh and the two zipped pockets are perfect for hand warming.

I love how the slightly tailored shape and the natural grey colour makes it a reasonably smart fleece, too, if it is possible to have a “smart” fleece. What I mean is that it isn’t a super casual or scruffy piece, it’s something I could easily wear in the office on a very cold day (as I did for the photos in this post), just as well as I can wear it camping. It’s also perfect for a pub meal straight from being on a hike. This makes it a good use of the £50 price tag, because I can wear it daily.

Splodz Blogz | GO Outdoors Nottingham

Choosing the Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket in GO Outdoors Nottingham.

While the Craghoppers Jasmine jacket stood out to me, it wasn’t the only one that caught my eye. I tried on about ten I think, there was a lot of choice. The shop assistants in store must have thought I was a bit odd, well maybe not, it’s important to compare and contrast a pile of jackets in front of the mirror, right?! It was between that one and the Weird Fish Bellaroo, a more casual style fleece jacket with a hood. I do like hoodies, but chose the one without this time to make layering it under my waterproof coat, which naturally has a hood of its own, a little more practical. The neckline on the Jasmine is nice and high so it still feels very snuggly without a hood, and I can always team it with one of my favourite beanie hats when I’m wearing it outside in winter. I am still tempted by the Weird Fish one, though, it’s pretty similar to the one that “shrunk in the wardrobe”. I might add it to my birthday list!

Splodz Blogz | Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket from GO Outdoors

Another fashion blogger impression. Oh dear. I’m so rubbish at this!

I’m yet to find any negatives from my choice, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I know from experience that Craghoppers are a great brand (my Sienna waterproof is superb), and I’ve already worn it enough to know it’s going to be the perfect post-outdoors-time layer. I fully anticipate living in my new fleece from now until Spring arrives.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Splodz Blogz | Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket from GO Outdoors

I’m wearing a size 12 in the Craghoppers Jasmine. 

GO Outdoors invited me to look around the Nottingham store and gifted me a voucher to spend. I am already a regular customer (possibly too regular…), and bought what I knew I needed and would like.

GO Outdoors Nottingham are celebrating their first birthday this coming weekend (28/29th October) with a family fun event and loads of discounted gear, the perfect excuse to visit (with or without your credit card!).

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  1. Sarah | The Urban Wanderer

    I love your new fleece and your modelling poses. There’s an outdoor fashion blogger in you somewhere! I pretty much live in fleeces – scruffy or otherwise. They are great for keeping your temperature balanced, especially the full zip ones. I hadn’t spotted yours in our GO Outdoors, so will have to check next time I’m there. I’m actually in the market for a nice thick, cosy, evening jumper/hoodie type thing now that my recycled bottle hippy style one is falling to bits.

    I actually shop the other way round when it comes to buying my outdoor gear (and lots of things actually) I try them on in store and then order them online. It might have something to do with the amount of stuff I carry around in my bag and the fact that sometimes I like the parcels that I take in to be for me for a change.

    Here’s to fleecies and keeping cosy. (and more modelling!)

    • Splodz

      Ha ha you like the modelling poses? It’s terrible! Hopefully it shows the fleece off anyway. I admit I’m totally in love with it – it’s fab! I do a lot of click and collect, it’s a bit awkward not being in to receive parcels so when I order I have them delivered in store so I can get them at lunch time.

      • Sarah | The Urban Wanderer

        Yes! I really do! It does show off the fleece well and I think it would look very smart when breaking into the cathedral too. Click and Collect is very useful, although I tend to forget to utilise it. Are you enjoying your fleece today?

    • Splodz

      Oh I do love REI – everything (and I mean everything) under one roof. We visited a couple when we were on our big road trip, I could spend a fortune in there!!

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