My currently loving feature for November is a lot of fun because it’s my birthday month, which means I get to use this opportunity say thank you to friends and family for their lovely and thoughtful gifts, as well as share other things that I just consider my favourite things right now.

I don’t deal well with birthdays really, I struggle with the idea that I’m already in my “late 30s”, swaying between being thankful for all the years I’ve had on this planet and the experiences I’ve had, but also worrying that my time is running out! Please tell me this is normal?! Don’t get me wrong, I know it’a only a number, but it’s a number that keeps going up!

But anyway, enough of this oldie moaning about age – this month’s list is here, from tea to tees…

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving November 2017

01. I think I always mention beanie hats in my currently loving feature at this time of year, but it’s true, I just love beanie hats. This one here is my old one from Sherpa, I bought it in the sale in Blacks a few years back for about a tenner and it’s been my absolute favourite ever since; mainly because it is exactly the right size for my head, something which most beanie hats just aren’t. Apparently I have a small head. This one is now wearing out, and that makes me a bit sad. Maybe Santa will be kind?!

02. Is there a sexier little rucksack out there than the Kanken Mini by Fjallraven? I’ve been lusting after one for, well, years, and I finally have one thanks to the lovely guys over at Outdoor Supply. And it’s in this gorgeous burnt orange colour, too. Perfect for carting all my stuff to work or for a day exploring town and country, it might be mini in name but it can take a whole load of stuff perfect for a day out. It even has a little foam sitter inside for when I want to take a load off. Yes, I’m a little bit in love.

03. A pair of classic white Converse All Star low tops should feature in everyone’s wardrobe whether you are male, female, young, old, indoors or outdoors. They are so comfortable, go with everything, and are just the right size to fit in a motorcycle pannier for road trips! Mine finally wore right through after years and years of constant wear at the end of our zartusacan road trip, and so I was super happy to get a brand new pair for my birthday. They do all different kinds, but I go for the classic canvas lows like these ones from Office.

04. If you’ve seen me in real life any time in the last month the chances are I’ve been wearing my new Craghoppers Jasmine Jacket. It’s just so warm and cosy, looks great, and is absolutely perfect for this time of year. I raved about it over in this post and you can get yours from Go Outdoors.

05. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a big fan of ditching the plastic where possible, which has recently involved becoming a signed up member of the Be Plastic Clever clan. This particular birthday present will help me keep my promise to avoid single use plastic bottles, take away coffee cups, straws and plastic bags. It’s the rather snazzy Kleen Kanteen insulated tumbler – I can now get a hot drink on the go without the plastic. It’s such a nice cup, the nicest one I’ve seen on the market so far; just the right size for a medium latte or cup of tea, and super nice to drink from. It comes in a whole host of colours, too!


06. The brainchild of the wonderful and adventurous Anna McNuff, Adventure Queens is a group of individuals “who have taken their first great leap into adventure and have come careering, most ungraciously, out the other side”. Ungraciously? Yup that’s me! I treated myself to this fab technical tee which was just perfect for West Highland Way and is great for cycling and hiking back home. There’s a whole range of styles and colours – the fit is great, they wash super well, and I reckon every outdoorsy lady needs one!

07. Hands up who is a very fortunate outdoors blogger? Yea, that would be me with this one. I recently received a brand spanking new GoPro Hero 6 as part of a campaign to show how much fun and adventure there is to have here in the UK (I can’t wait to share my blog and video very soon!). This thing is brilliant; I mean, it starts recording or takes a photo via voice control! Expect loads more action packed photos and videos from me for now on. And if you have any top tips or must-use accessories, give me a shout.

08. I am a huge water baby. And so this birthday-present tee from FatFace is just perfect. Raised by waves? I think I was. I couldn’t find it on their website, it must have been popular, but there are loads of tops here.

09. What’s your favourite basic English breakfast tea? This Cornish Tea: Smugglers Brew is one of the nicest I’ve tried for a long time; not as strong as Yorkshire Tea but with a much nicer taste than the usual Tetley or PG Tips. I mean, it’s no loose leaf tea poured from a pot into a beautiful china tea cup, but for a good morning cuppa in your favourite mug, you could do a lot worse than this. Thanks mum for the present from your holiday.

10. Okay I admit that this last one is here because I saw an advert on the telly. I don’t think I’ve bought anything based on a telly advert ever. I’m quite embarrassed that it even happened with this. But here we are. I’m already a huge fan of Green & Blacks, but their new Velvet Sea Salt dark chocolate has made me an even bigger fan. It’s just SO smooth. Really delicious. You should try some.

Splodz Blogz | Currently Loving November 2017

What are you currently loving this month? What do you think of my choices? Tell me in the comments below.

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10 Responses

  1. Sarah

    Spot on with number 3. My top favourite and I am going to attempt to crochet my own number 1 as I make ear warmers currently.


  2. Neil Staveley

    I will have to check out no.5, I am always looking for a new way to cut down on my plastic use and have looked at loads of different cups, these ones sound great thanks for the info

    • Splodz

      It really is a great cup, I highly recommend it. They also do little flask versions which might suit if you’re likely to tip it over… 🙂

    • Splodz

      I much prefer to save up my pennies and buy the real thing; cheap copies generally last five minutes for me, and I find Primark is more jumble sale than nice shopping experience.

    • Splodz

      For my hands I switch between the Soap and Glory Hand Food and Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. Both excellent in my opinion. For my face, I use Body Shop Tea Tree as I have terrible skin!

  3. Pen and Ink Studios

    Hello from Pen and Ink Studios, just dropping a comment to thank you for your kind words on our t-shirts designed for Adventure Queen, we are so pleased you and others like the t-shirts. Happy Adventures 🙂

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