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[ You guessed it… a little April Fool’s post for you on this Easter Sunday. The mini prank was organised by Two Blondes Walking, who wanted to have a bit of fun with our friends at Ordnance Survey (well they always want to have a bit of fun, that’s why I like them!). I’ll leave it here for prosperity, but know that I definitely prefer being outside! ]

Who wants to spend time outside when you can stay inside? The outside is cold and wet and muddy. The indoors is where it’s at. So I’ve joined a new campaign to get everyone in the UK slouching at home much more. Won’t you join me?!Β 

Stay Inside | Splodz Blogz

The idea is very simple. Put on your comfy clothes, put the heating up high so you don’t need any socks, grab a few of your favourite treats, and take a seat in your favourite spot. And stay there. All day.

In reach personally I have a pile of magazines – my current must-reads are Overland, Intrepid and Trail magazine (thinking about getting outside, not doing), a book my friend Sian wrote about spending time outdoors (which she wrote indoors, naturally), my favourite vanilla lime Yankee candle, a nice cup of English Breakfast tea in a chunky mug, some chocolate, and my woollen slippers. I don’t need my slippers on, of course, I’m not going anywhere.

Stay Inside | Splodz Blogz

What favourite things of yours can you reach from your sofa pit?

If you want to learn more about the Stay Inside campaign, head over to Two Blondes Walking for all the details.

Join in the conversation with #StayInside on twitter… you know you want to.


With thanks to The Two Blondes for the idea and the stickers πŸ™‚Β 

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  1. dribelad

    Not an original idea though is it, I started the #stayinside campaign at the beginning of February.

    • Splodz

      Just a bit of fun for April Fools taking the opposite of the GetOutside campaign, not pinching anyone’s thunder πŸ™‚

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